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Thursday, July 31, 2003

in washington - hot - sticky... tired...but it's GREAT!

Sunday, July 27, 2003

Hello from Wisconsin to one and all.
It is hot and muggy here but nice and relaxing... well, it would be... but I have loads of work to try and get done.
Am off to Washington DC tomorrow to stay with Liz from the Wash ComedySportz for the next week (, I will be going to the tournament for the last three days of the week.
Will be intersting to stay with a person I've never met for a week - possibly one of the most stressful in her life... ahh well...
Been to the Goodwill with my muuummmyyy hunting for costumes and general trousers for myself. So more flowery pants on their way to the UK :D

Right well I'm off to pack for my trip.. look at me I'm a globe trotter!!!


Friday, July 18, 2003

where has everyone's talk backs gone to? Grrrr
Well just a quick note as I'm not really in the mood for writing. Great eh? Should be doing my dissertation. Made a horrible fool of myself weds night, a few days earlier than I expected to make a fool of myself, and consequently ruined my life. At least that's how it feels right now. Feel a bit like I'm in a downward spiral, and it's too slippy to climb back up again. I'm not going to go into it on my blog as it's not something I think every man and his dog should know about, but needless to say I'm being a bit miserable at the moment and I'm likely to be that way for a while.

Monday, July 14, 2003

Welll it's been a little while hasn't it....
I took my cats to the vets today - well I say I took them... but... one of them had what can only be described as a feline panic attack and started making the scariest noises so I had to take him home, ad my other one almost got heat stroke! Poor thing, she's much better now. So I hope that was all worth it and she doesn't get cat flu... willhave to sort the other one out another time - he really doens't like the car.
Am currently sweating like mad and getting ready to go and photograph the current CYT show - Oklahoma. Its looking good.
Watched Bruce Almighty last night.. enjoyed it imensley... however that's spelled.
Pre production stuff all coming together.
Dissertation on hold...
ANNNDDDD... Judgement Day on ITV has been cancelled!! lol... I will never get to waste this 15 minutes will I??

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Man cannot live by Snackajacks and Yoghurt alone

Well, I'm guessing he can't, cos I'm not doing too well by it. That's pretty much all I've eaten for two days... I'm not even sure why. I think in my mind I've convinced myself that I'll shift all this weight if I eat low fat shite and nothing else. Either that or I'm making myself pay for not doing much work this week. I'm getting pretty desperate and scared on the whole dissertation front - but hopefully tomorrow my tutor will be able to give me some good news, but it's unlikely. The thing is I'm really past careing now... I haven't even got enough panic and fear left in me to actually do this. I read my feedback from the last two semesters and there is hardly one word of encouragement.. it's all 'deeper thinking is needed' 'wider reading' 'not enough produced'... and all I can think of is the fact that I have really tried hard this year! I usually blag a great deal of stuff, but I knew I wouldn't be able to get away with that here so I tried, really really hard! For gods sake I didn't have a christmas because of it! (and other things were mouting up which didn't help). So last semester i tried less hard cos I wasn't getting anywhere with the try hard method, and I was just getting major stressed. So that didn't work either. And now not only is my poor puny undereducated brain suffering from all this shite I'm reading, but time is against me... hopefully tomorrow they will realise and take some of the blame for this, by pissing me around for the last 5 weeks!

There are only a couple of things getting me through this right now... the fact I've paid a lot of money to come here and do this (and I forgot about the 700 I have to pay tomorrow!!! I've been saving up for a computer, and that was pretty much as far as I'd got.. ahh well... but the sodding Uni wouldn't let me break my summer contract... ahh well again - long story), and my film. I am looking forward to it. Just not the feedback, because nothing I ever do will ever be good enough for this place. I'm used to not fitting in, but I'm not used to being forced into a system where I can't even be myself, and when I try to do that I am penalised. I was even 'told off' for using felt pens to write with... jesus! high school was the last time I was told that, and I ignored them then. I know what you're thinking, well why aren't you out of that phase? Because it's me. I like felt tips, I like colours... if I could print off my essays in colour I woudl do!

OK rant over for tonight... only becuase I know my computer will crash if I try to write much more....


Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Well i had another weird dream last night... I don't understand why i can suddenly remember dreams! I usually can't! Any way here goes:

I was at the theatre, which for some reason was twice as big and all painted in pastel blue ? ... and we had just finished a ComedySportz match and were having an after show party. But there was a foul mood in the air (a bit like after 'Mort' remember guys? weird)... and it came to the Awards and I got really mad cos I wasn't filming so I made everyone stop so I could get my camera. Everyone was sat in a circle on the stage and phil was in teh middle. The awards went on and I left but when i watched the tape back (Rachael Hilton was ilming for me) all she had on tape was the first award and some random bit of phil doin ghis 'dance' and for some bizarre reason there was an electronic dog on the floor jumping around... then the camera cut off and I was annoyed. The I was at my house and me and Steven were sat on the landing looking through a cardboard box and he was really drunk.

Then I woke up

Anyway, even though it's only 11.15am I have had an eventful day... I have found the Zip disc I thought was lost forever (In the library, I did ask the yank to look and he didn't see it, have vowed never to ask him to do anything for me again as it never happens.). And I went to see my disseration tutor who was 'delighted' and 'excited' to see me... bollocks, he looked well sheepish. Anyway, I asked him when we could meet up and he suggested tomorrow.. I'd already told him that I was busy all day, and he said that was the only day he was free, so I am meeting him at 10,... and that's only cos I asked for it to be earlier! I have to meet another tutor at 11.30! When I asked if it could be earlier he said 'It's not going to take an hour and a half is it?' ... to which I could only reply 'F**K OFF, if you were actually here twoo weeks ago when I wanted to meet up then I wouldn't be going through all this shit!!!'... but in reality I said 'I don't know'...

So there

Monday, July 07, 2003

Well, I had another weird dream last night, this time:

I was in some sort of rehearsal room, looked a bit like the one at Runshaw! Bizarre. Anyway... the Players ( were in there warming up for their show but they were one person short, and for some reason I was there and they asked me to join in. So, I hated to offend, I joined in. :-/ God knows why.. but anyway in my dream I was actually good at improvisation! All I can remember is getting into a prediciment with Richard Vranch where I was on my knees and he kept poking me in the face with his finger And then all i can remember is grabbing his arse! And thinking, 'wow I'm grabbibng Richard Vranch's arse!' ... seemed relevant to the scene at the time.
THEN after that i went 'home' (whereeer that was) and met Sean and Vicki from youth theatre! And I convinced them to get on the tube with me to come and see the show, I thin kDarryl was there too. I only realised after we were half way there that they were too young and wouldn't get in so we decided to go and see a show instead. But Darryl only wanted to buy some new boots from MacDonalds! So I think it ended up I sent them home and I went on my own but then I woke up... and all i could remember was grabbing Ricahrd Vranch's arse....

bron thought for the day: Richard Vranch has a nice arse... lol, like I know

Saturday, July 05, 2003

Well.. I was visiting my usual trich message board and reaslied today that I also have another disorder (which i thought was just PART of trich...) so now it turns out that as well as my anxiety i have trichotillomania and dermatillomania .... it gets better and better, and makes me a much more interesting person ;) the words will just keep getting longer and probably always will end in 'mania'...
I'm a maaaaniac maaaaniac ....

Well I had a weird dream last night...

I dreamt that Rowland Rivron's gran had died and he was taking me round her old house to meet the cats who now lived there, as she'd left the house to them. I was introduced to Lady and Bob. Lady was a fat white cat who liked to play music on teh TV and had lessons every week (!) and Bob was really skinny and a bit mental, didn't say much. Then I was suddenly trying to do some sort of Krypton Factor thing with a random american girl who was the sister of someone I vaguely knew in the states... :-/
It was all very weird.
But that's me

Friday, July 04, 2003

Hi there.... well not much to say once again, struggling to get work done on this dissertation.

However... ONLY 6 days til I finish at Safeways! YIppeeeeee...

ALSO if you've not checked this site out before then be sure to:


Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Well.... turns out the essay that I was told had failed was given a 2:1 by the second marker.... so now I'm very confused and am waiting to hear if that's just all balls or what ...


Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Weeellll it has been a while...
I've been at home for the last week ComedySporting and sorting out my film some more. Came back yesterday to discover just how shite my life is. Wish I could stop feeling sorry for myself, but I think I enjoy it too much.
There are no tutors here to help me at all, I have three weeks to write a 10,000 words dissertation I've not started, and the stupid technicians cant seem to book the CAMERA! For my shoot that is... PLUS comedysportz was videoed but the tape is knakkered, as is my camera AGAIN! AND my still camera is broken... plus all the normal crap with my hair, knees and now my exzema coming back with avengance... not to mention the ongoing trauma's and messups in my personal life.... BLAH! anyhoo....
Am strongly anticipating failing this masters unless they let me submit my dissertation next year instead. Who knows. THey probably wont.

I'm sure I acutally had something productive to write in here... but now I can't remember! I got too bogged down with moaning...