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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Well, today was much more relaxed than I anticipated - but as I hoped.

Had a lovely day, with some good fun and some nice shots.

Even had a very interesting offer for more work... am beaming inside to be honest... but can't let it get out just yet - still another day of hard slog this week.. then NEXT week it all starts again with a NEW project.

Looking forward to that too, the kids seems really up for it :D


Ow my tummy hurts .
You know that feeling when you've not had enough sleep for days and been rushed off your feet... it makes my tummy hurt and my eyes swell up :(
Had to get up early today cos I stayed at Johns last night. We've been having a couple of problems, which probably won't remain problems... just a clash of opinions - but because we're both stubborn and control freaks it's taking a while to pan out... be reet :D Still love him to bits.
Filming all the live long day today... been planning since 6.30am. Probably will be shooting til about 7pm, maybe later... then tomorrow again.
Must admit this project has taken much longer than anticipated, and a lot more out of me.

And I start a new one on monday...


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Just had my first day off in MONTHS probably... Chris and i went to Liverpool and I spent money... tut.

I spent a load in Manchester yesterday too - I think its just cos I've not spent any for a long time. I just went a bit spend happy.

Yesterdays filming was loads of fun! See rude swearing picture to the left... Had a blast - was rather a relaxed day where we just got to get stuff done at our pace. Lots of innappropriate advances to students (see pic to the right... lol)...
That's not my bike btw - but I am thinking of getting one now... I really need to lose some weight! I bought some size 16 pants today... and they DIDN'T FIT!! (although I'm pretty sure it's because they actually weren't size 16... but there you go).
OK I'm going to get a bit more work done - I start getting busy again tomorrow... and it's not going to catch me unawares...

Sunday, March 25, 2007

*Sigh* what a lovely day. Have managed to just have a quiet day so far, sat here watching Corrie now, thinking about how cool yesterday was.
Got some work to do today - but it's nice to just chill my mind for a bit.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

What a fabulous night!
ComedySportz UK seems to be living once again! A lovely crowd, new people, PEOPLE WE DIDN'T KNOW, a lovely vibe and an amazing workshop before hand... nearly 30 people turned up to workshop today! Amazing! I didn't know what to do with them all :D The first group gave myself and Chris some choccys and a card for the last 10 weeks. They have really bonded as a group, am well chuffed. I actually had to stop workshop at one point as I was getting a bit emotional. THis this I started back in November 2001 with 8 kids has turned into this massive entity!
I've even delegated bits of it...
It's a beast!
A lovely pretty beast.
So... I'm going to bed now... I shall talk more later about the abomination to improv we saw at the Royal Exchange the other night... ;)

Enjoy this clip from tonight:

Objection - March 2007

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Friday, March 23, 2007

It would appear Kitty has run away for good :(
Tavner hasn't seen him for nearly a week.
Even though I hated that cat, I'm still sad :( Here's hoping someone has taken him in.

Today was a rather stressful one. Not going to go into details but was chuffed Chris was there to cheer me up off and on. Really challenged my professionalism.
Anyhoo -off now

Thursday, March 22, 2007

You know what - things are hectic, I'm mad busy, I've hardly got to see John in weeks, but... I'm happy.
I'm actually pretty content! Everything seems to be falling into place.
Chris and I are getting on again, Binx is getting better, I'm well respected in my field and on the field (csz ;) ) and my car rocks! Hehe. Of course there's the moaning cos I'm so goddamn busy, but when am I NOT going to be?! I just need to accept that this is my life and the way I chose to live it.
I am currently sat in the production office for the sitcom I'm shooting writing this... lol I'm supposed to be storyboarding and the like ;) naughty.
I have 20 minutes til I teach.
Then I'm shooting straight after until about 9pm...
I'm mad
I'm busy
I'm tired
I love it.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My first lie in for weeeeeeeeeeks and I am awake! By half 8!
Chris is on the Revolution trying to get people to watch ComedySportz this saturday... hopefully we will get AN audience this time ;)

I am spending my morning being productive I hope - although all I've done so far is sit on nhsdirect to try and figure out what's wrong with me... yay
Yay - we were a highlight of Stand Up and Be Counted... the MEN says so:


Look at us go!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Russell Brand officially ruined the end of comic relief for me... what a dick... ugh.

Anyway - here's a clip of what we did for comic relief this year:

Instruction Manual

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Yesterday I killed my boyfriend.

Well, not literally... he wonderfully agreed to take part in the filming of the sitcom I'm doing at the moment, and therefore played a dead body. Keya would be impressed, very CSI.
The lovely Seymour Mace stepped in too and played a little bit part for me... I love all my new friends... especially the famous ones ;) hehe
Got some marking to do today then some feedback and then on to the Opus Lounge for a half hour ComedySportz show for Comic Relief... 24 hours of comedy... aparantly by about the 12th hour most people were stripping off ! So I don't know what the atmos will be for us... ugh.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lots of little bits and bobs keep catching up with me now. You know when you're trying to just spread yourself and spread yourself... ahh well... it's all starting to end, if you know what I mean...
Went for a meeting regarding Easter today, so that's getting sorted, and may have some workshops coming up in Bolton... so, yay.
I am shattered and am trying to get a load of marking done so I can spend some time with John, who I've not seen since Sunday, and that was a bit tense... so...b lah

Monday, March 12, 2007

Lol - weird cross over of worlds today when Keya popped in to check out the shots she would be annimating things onto and ended up doing our sound for us... hehe
Well, she's done it before, she's a pro.
Today was a bit manic - tomorrow hopefully wont be as bad... am going to storyboard and floor plan tonight so I'm all clued in for the moro...
I'm getting soooo tired and run down... but last night I slept really well, so hopefully my body's kicking in and sorting me out with some decent replenishment.
Did a Grinventors show last night to about 20 people, but was a good show. Check out a clip:


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Saturday, March 10, 2007

In the very short amount of time I have to sit here I thought I'd say hi and catch you up a bit.
Mental busy filming, editing, teaching, workshopping and performing (all with different things) money is good at the moment... Binx is getting well... Things seem more chipper.

Wanted to show you have I've done so far on my list:

New Year Resolutiony thing
This year I plan to:
Get my legs, back and neck looked at/fixed
Get my hair cut
Get enough work so I'm not dipping back into savings
Visit Stonehenge
Go camping
Do more stand up
Do more improv
Do more
See Avenue Q
Sing more
Further my career
Be a bit more selfish but not a bitch
Dye my hair
Get my teeth checked
Lose a stone
Eat more salad
Make more films
Kill all prostitutes like my dog told me to
Make more friends
Kick ass in Quad Cities
Make people happy
Speak to my parents more
Work harder at CSz
Visit my sister more
Keep on top of my work
Let bygones be bygones
Get a kitten?
Push myself to people/work more
Get my eyes checked
Work on my self confidence
In the immortal words of Aqua: "Be happy"

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Not got a whole load of time to write - am SO mad busy...

today was the first day of the shoot - and I am knakkered. Last night we did a match in Leicester, which went great (if only to a minature crowd), so we didn't get back til after midnight... then I was up this morning at 6.30am to do storyboards and get ready for the shoot... NOW I have to do even MORE storyboards.
Good fun though.