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Friday, December 30, 2005

The Goodies!
Watched the 35 year anniversary programme tonight. Brilliant. Made me feel all emotional. I was watching it and it just made me think THERE NEED TO BE MORE SHOWS LIKE THIS AGAIN!! Accessible, but clever, witty, but silly, musical and excellantly written. It's truly the sort of comedy I strive for. Just silly fun! I was told recently that a lot of my comedy, sketches and the like, are juvenille. And you know what, they are, and that's exactly why I like them. And so do others! It's not just me and my friends who made them, other people like them. So I must be doing something right. I almost feel now like I have a mission to bring god old family fun back to the masses! The only thing we have anymore is Ant and Dec and pantomimes, and they're not too distant from each other. A lot of americans read my blog and will haveno idea what I'm on about...
Basically, think of the Monkees and take one away, give them British accents, make them write ALL the scripts and ALL the songs, and just generally be amazing. Graeme Garden btw has been on Whose Line (British one) so you may have seen him.

Right think I may get an early night. Looks like I'm going to a new years eve party in Manchester (rarely do anything really), so that'll be fun I hope.
Well, first night at home for ages and mum and dad have buggered off! Gah.
Feeling a bit self reflecting and all that.
It's amazing how much I've done this year. How wrong I've been about things (and mostly people) how things have changed so much, how many times I've changed my hair, how much I've seen and done, especially over this summer.
How nice life seems now all the shit has been kicked away from it. Namely one huge guilt that riddled me for most of the year. And you know what, I really don't care anymore. I did for a long long time. And now I dont, so it's all good and I can go on to laughing and the like again.
Talking of laughing - I was woken up this morning by two large hairy men pulling me out of bed!! Oh what fun.
Did some filming today, more of the sketch I posted pics of Dug ( from ....

Thursday, December 29, 2005

I just lost the post I was writing........ grrrrrrrrrrrr
off we go again!

Just got back from Newcastle. Went to Chris's friends wedding. True to classic Chris Brooker form, we managed to arrive just as the wedding ended! I think it's going to be a trademark from now on... let's hope one day he doesn't be that late for his OWN! Keith and Frances had a lovely day, and lots of nice grub and music laid out for everyone. Only downside was Frances's sore wrist. She had managed to fall over coming out of the hairdressers that morning. All day it was sore. At about 11pm she gave in and announced to the remaining throng that it was hurting too much to go on and she was off to Casualty. Got a text this morning - it was broken in 2 places! Those geordie lasses are indeed 'ard! The snow was so bad last night that Chris and I had to stay in Newscastle, lovely Keith got us a hotel room! How sweet was that! It was very nice too, a nice relaxing night, and a bit of a nightmare journey home. Can't be bothered writing about Somerset, too tired, read Chris's blog to catch up on that I think.
Fun was had.
I am going to get changed and have a sit down now me thinks.
Hope you all had delightful xmasses
think I knew this already, but the song that was Number 1 the day I was born was Bright Eyes - Art Garfunkel. Go to and see what yours was.
My ears are still giving me jipp :( grrrrrrrr... I keep trying NOT to go at them with a cotton bud but I can't help it!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Off to Somerset soon, shoud have gone nearly an hour ago! Dad's fannying about doing something and nothing.
No rush really but I must admit I just want to get on the road, it's a fairly long way.
Probably wont be too internetable for a couple of days, after Somerset going back to Manc for a night then straight off to Newcastle the next day for a wedding (another friend of Chris's) the last one was much fun, butmostly cos of his friend Keith, this time it's Keith getting married so I wont be able to have a good time with him... erm, that came out wrong. At least, I wont be able to fork him again... erm... keep digging.
Listening to The Two Ronnies, this house has gone a bit Two Ronnies mad in the last couple of days. Funny and Fun.
Wearing a new Christmas top :) Yay. Mostly got wool and tops this year. No joke! So much wool! But I'm really chuffed with it to be honest. Means I can make myself anything I want :D I'm going to dig out the tank top pattern again and make some snazzy ones with this new wool :D
Not desperately looking forward to an evening with a whole load of Chris's family, especially as I'll be the only newcomer (as far as I know), at least his brother will be there, and his fiance (his brothers, not Chris's) and I know them OK, so I wont be too scared. Be reet. Not worth getting stressed over. That's my new mantra for next year I think. I just have to watch that, cos sometimes that turns into not being arsed to do anything... I will sort out my new years resolutions when I get back - this year I intend to stick to them! I never really ever make any cos I usually don't care. But 2006 I want to be a year of change - yes CHANGE, me! Madness eh?
Right I'm going to go and poke my dad with a sharp stick to get him moving.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

But I did it anyway...

sex in bed
You are Sex in bed

What kind of sex are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Right... off to the family now....... (not in any way related to that post)
some of my pals on the manchester scene have this online to get you all festive:

Well, present openings is done. Keya is at Paul's. Mum is trying on a top I got her. Dad is asleep while the chicken is cooking. Cats have new colars. I have lots of new green clothes and festive socks which make me sound like a morris dancer. My lovely boyfriend bought me a Nintendo DS thingy, which baffles me to be honest. I think it's a gift that he will enjoy himself ;) But is a sweet thought and I will probably play it all the way down to Somerset tomorrow. Oh and we both managed to buy each other the same DVD! Well done us! Sigh... we are too alike it seems.

Mum in new top shocker

Me and new headband in the sunlight

Saturday, December 24, 2005

well it's a bit fluffy (needs a good wash, and you can't see the red underneath in this pic) but what you think?

Before......................................................... After
currently sat here with my hair covered in dye once again. I will post a picture once it's done to show you my creation (with help from my sister).
Christmas tomorrow. Looking forward to getting it over with a bit I suppose. I just feel too busy to do all this this year.
I've spent all of today tidying my room (it's pretty spotless now!) and saying hi to my friends who headed over! Which was nice.
Just created a myspace group for ComedySportz UK, if you're on myspace and are interested...
Not really much else to report. Pretty much just tidied and sat here all day, texted Ben a bit, and chatted to ginger lamb on IM, exciting life.

Friday, December 23, 2005

OK... more randomness...
The other day I started filming some sketches with Ben and Dug (we're gonna be famous one day you know!) here are a couple of pix.
Not going to tell you anything about the sketch, dont want to spoil it.

I know you probably wont find this as interesting as me, but I find it fascinating to see what I was doing this month a year ago... I was so down...
should be tidying my room right now but I feel rotten. I think I'm getting sick again! Just after I'd got rid of whatever it was i had! Annoying.
Listening to my Ross Noble DVD while typing and scooting around my room picking things up and putting them back down in another place. Really don't have any room for all my goddamn stuff!
Snotty :(
So, Christmas this weekend. It's really not hit me this year, I've just been so busy.
Had a quick scan for flats in manchester, the hardest thing really is going to be finding somewhere that'll let me take cats.
Off to Somerset on Monday to visit the ginger lamb and his parents. Seeing Liz, Welch and Ste tomorrow, so that'll be nice.
Sore neck.
Missing Dug, Ben and Chris right now. Those three boys have become very central to my existance right now. Good times, good friends, good chats. Was up til 3am last night chatting to Ben about life and love, andbaout how amazing Chris is as a compere... glad its' not just me that thinks that ;)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

What a fun fun night!
Possibly the first christmas party I've ever been to! So much fun. Did kareoke with Dug, rocked! We sang "I'd do anything for Love" by Meatloaf! We rocked the kasbah, which was a shame as the Kasbah is so far away, I'd have been happy with just rocking XS.
Dug and I left early leaving Chris and Ben to dance the night away.
Was great to have that feeling that I only usually get when I do CSz in america! It was GREAT! Just a lot of love in that room, my home made badges went down a treat too.
Some pix of the night.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Richard and Judy tape arrived today... it was a bit strange, R+J totally bum off Paul! We need to get in touch with them! I think I may have an 'in' there...
on a note related to a comment that chris put... for some reason my boyfriend just can't keep his eyes open on photos!

I have officially stopped directing the YT thing that I was doing. Having to drive from Manc to rehearsals that were pretty much pointless, or having to be cancelled for one reason or another has taken it's toll, and basically it's been costing me money to do it.
Also I do not relish the idea of a race to the finish to make this section good. And it CAN be good! I just dont have the time or energy to keep coming back and forth to make it get to that point. PLUS I missed Ben Folds cos of it! etc etc... just annoyed about it all really.
So there.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Well, I had an interesting day.
Messed up with my car and ended up having to spend the day in Manchester. Bonus having a boyfriend who lives there with housemates that are good friends of mine. Spent the day waiting for Autoglass to call and writing sketches! Loads of fun!
Lots of cool ideas, just sad that Dug is going to be away for a month! Am going to try and film some of his stuff this week before he goes.
ALso had the last workshop with my monday group at the agency. Same again tomorrow.
My badges that I made people at the CSz workshop last week went down so well that I'm making more for people :D Yay. GOnna have a bath, make badges and go to bed. Mum arrives tomorrow :D

Saturday, December 17, 2005

A momentous day! My car clicked over to 100,000 miles! (about 35,000 of them my own) and it was the last CSzMUK workshop! Lots of fun. Only Steph and Darryl (who, incidently, are now back together) from CSzCUK managed to get there. So that was a shame. Was excited to see that they made these guys laugh and vice versa. It was a great feeling. A feeling I have missed and should seek out more! They all got me a lovely present, Ross Nobles new DVD! RESULT! And some funky nail varnish. So I am realyl chuffed. Made me feel like I'd made a difference.So, lots of fun. Can't wait to see them all up on stage. January 29th is our second trial at the Frog and Bucket, CSzCUK playing the match then having a scrimmagey thing afterwards that the manchester troupe will take part in to warm them up in front of an audience.
Watching the present I just bought for Beth for her birthday, it wasn't sealed so, sod it. hehe.
Right I have to get cracking now, I have two reviews and an interview to write up.

Last night was Chris's christmas works do. He looked very dapper in his suit. I wasn't invited so instead I saw Ben do his set for the first time. I was very impressed. I was almost hoping I wouldn't be, so I could get over this groupie style crush I have on him, but of course, he was great. He just totally took control of the room, and everyone loved him. I filmed it for a showreel that he wants to put together, that guy's going places. I was up til 6.30am chatting to him and Dug. So I am tired now.
Today is the last workshop for the first gang of Manchester comedysporters. They have come on leaps and bounds and I am proud of all of them. I am also pissed off though as only 2 of my guys can be there to join in! And that was the plan all along, and they knew that. It just pisses me off. Fair enough some people have to work and the like, but it just seems that there should have been a bitmore comittment to this. It's great to see all the manchester people so keen, and then I turn around and see half of my guys not giving a shit, or so it seems.
Eh whatever.
Anyway stuff to do before I go.
Mum's back on Tuesday, dad's back now, although I dont know where.
Speak soon

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Driving Home for Christmas... AGAIN!

Just got a call from the Welch, and a text from a pal, saying that aparantly on Richard and Judy Chris Rea was being interviewed.
ARGH!!!!!!!! I MISSED IT!!!!!!!!!!
I have emailed the programme to see if I can get a copy of it. Once again, national TV coverage, and once again ONLY PAUL GETS CREDIT! Ugh. NO offence to Paul, I love him dearly, and he was FAB in it, but ME AND KEYA MADE IT! Grrrrrrrrrr.
I'm annoyed and frustrated today anyway, now it's just made it worse.
I'm going to eat and paint my nails.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

well dear reader, I am feeling much better today, so I may have actually got through this evil bug without having to take any antibiotics!
Tonight I'm going to be in a smoky club all night so we will see how that goes. I am reviewing my 2nd Year students in their Stand Up final for, crazy how everything ties in together, and fun too.
Kind of cool being the one on the guest list for once and Chris being the Plus One - result!
Talking more about moving in next year. Getting rather excited, I just hope we can afford something decent :( All would be fine if I could swindle myself a full time job at Salford... I honestly do love it there, I can't say I'd want to be there forever, but at least a few years.
Talkig work, got a call from another pt job I applied for today, hopefully that will pan out, something like £150 a day! Nice.
Righty ho, going to do some more knitting and tidy up a bit, my dad gets back tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

OK... maybe this DOES seem a bit narcisisistic however that's spelled... but I just got my head shots back. These are the ones I'm chosing:

Just to compare... here are some old ones... enjoy my face!

You Have a Choleric Temperament

You are a person of great enthusiasm - easily excited by many things.
Unsatisfied by the ordinary, you are reaching for an epic, extraordinary life.
You want the best. The best life. The best love. The best reputation.

You posses a sharp and keen intellect. Your mind is your primary weapon.
Strong willed, nothing can keep you down. Your energy can break down any wall.
You're an instantly passionate person - and this passion gives you an intoxicating power over others.

At your worst, you are a narcissist. Full of yourself and even proud of your faults.
Stubborn and opinionated, you know what you think is right. End of discussion.
A bit of a misanthrope, you often see others as weak, ignorant, and inferior.

there is one sentence in that that is deffinately WAY OFF! I will accept the rest but not that one...