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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hehe... check out mine and Jill's colaborative travel blog

Monday, October 30, 2006

Keeping Annabelle ....



Sunday, October 29, 2006

I am so sad :( My lovely Jill left this morning... *sniff*. It bizarrley feels like she's not even been here, which makes me even sadder :(
But now I can tell you all about yesterday!

We set off at 8am, after picking up Emily from the train station. The drive there went really quick.

Death Tally:
25 Pheasants
11 Misc Birds
3 Rabbits
1 Fox
1 Squirrel

Once there Emily went on her way (to meet her sister) and we met up with the Cheesemonger to get the tickets for WICKED!
I slept a bit on the train into Waterloo, as I was completely knakkered from the lack of sleep in general.
We pulled in and met up with Jill's old friend, which was rather pleasant, then headed off to meet the Wareing and the Joanne! We met up and wandered around London a bit seeing things and taking ridiculous pictures. We sat for a bit, had some hilarious moments running around London... then finally got to go and watch Wicked!
I was actually getting a little giddy waiting to go in, I've been looking forward to seeing it since I got the soundtrack!
I sat down and just marveled at the set for a while. Then it just suddenly started, and the first things you saw were just gorgeous! I don't want to write too much about the actual show because it would spoil it if you wanted to go and see it (and
see it you should people!), but I can tell you it made me very emotional for many different reasons throughout the show. I even caught Chris sniffing away by the interval ;) Bless him.
After the show we made our way back. It was aloooooong drive - literally, Chris was driving ;) We got back at 4am, but it was really 3am as the clocks went back on our journey. I went straight to bed, after having an argument with Ben about the workshop that day... i felt bad about that, I appologised today ;)

So this morning Jill left. And I have a lot of work to do. I hung out with the lovely John this evening. We can always find fun stuff to talk about, and we have very similar tastes in things - in pasta too it seems.

Gave Kitty away today too. He was a bit stressed when I left him at the Tavner's, but have recieved word that he's settled down a bit since I left. Bless him, I actually felt a bit weird leaving him there. But i know he'll be looked after and have a better life on his own, not fighting for attention.

A scene featuring me and Sean, from the improv show on Monday:

Sean and Bron in SHATNER!

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The Carry On Sketch, from the Sketch show Friday:

Now you are all completely caught up!


Saturday, October 28, 2006

Today was lovely, with my new hair, I worked for a short time with some students i didn't know (which felt really good) then drove Jill to Blackpool. We had a great day there (well, about an hour) and I introduced her to the Las Vegas of England ;) Jill put 10p in a machine and won a pound! GO JILL! i was rather excited as I found MY MACHINE! OK, this will sound silly, but when i was little I used to go into amusements a lot... and there was this one 2p machine I would spend hours on... and I was GREAT at it! And today I found the same one! And I hadn't lost my touch! No SIR! I won about £2 on it, and managed not to spend it all again With my winnings I bought Jill a fish and chip dinner, which she promtly fed to the pigeons! Then we headed back to get ready for tonights show... seeing as we were now both IN the show! I'm too tired to go into all the ins and our and annoying problems with traffic and cast... but all in all the evening was a success... I hate that I wont be there tomorrow though, which means leaving out some of the sketches. And also, just general organisation. Everyone did really well though, some of the sketches were really well recieved, others not quite so, but in general a great show.
I will probably put bits onto YouTube, as is my way.
Well we're off to London in about 5 hours so I'd better go to bed!

Friday, October 27, 2006

I'm tired and there's more hair dyeing about to happen so I can't write for long... but today was so mad busy and hectic, but the show was lovely.
There were only about 15 in the audience, which was a shame, but the actual show was great. Jill had fun, everyone shone through (even Derek's pants shone through... and he needs to buy some trainers! lol)
Jill and I are having so much fun! I have a bit of extra work tomorrow but after that we are heading the Las Vegas of the UK - yup, Blackpool! ;) Should be a nice day, maybe a tad rushed... but I wouldn't want to spoil the whole theme of her visit! ;) Then tomorrow night is the sketch show with the sketches we have been working on. I hope eveyone has learned their lines... I will probably cry if they haven't... grrrr
Night night

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Just a quick blog cos everything's so mad busy right now...
Flat, nearly sorted
Shows, going OK
COmedySportz is TONIGHT....
Jill, is having a great time
Ben, is having less of one
Dug, I love him still
Chris, needs sleep
Kitty, has a new home
Binx, is still lovely
Everyone else, come and watch my shows! ;)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

GRINVENTORS... we rock.
It was a good show, although a little bitty - but then again it was the first time we'd ever done it - so YAY us...
I am tired. ANd JILL IS HERE! Yay!!!!!!
She is doing great with the jetlag - I don't know how she's managing. I'm getting a lovely massage from the ginger lamb as I type.
Yeah the show was good, although I felt rather deflated afterwards, it seemed it could have gone much better. We'll learn. ANd the venue may be interested in having us back again so that's all good :D
I didn't feel like we really connected with the audience... but maybe that's because I'm so used to CSz where as the ref we pretty much make pals with audience members all the way through... we seemed a bit distant...
Will have a proper debrief with John at some point.
I'm going to bed now as I'm shattered and I have a full day of work tomrrow... so I shall write more tomorrow night.... Jill and I have a girly night tomorrow (the only night where we're not watching/doing comedy!)



Monday, October 23, 2006

It's 10 past 8, Jill is due in in an hour... I all nervous and excited and also annoyed as I have to go to work pretty much as soon as I see her :(
I'm also nervous for tonight... my tummmy is all messed up.
I hope we get a crowd, John seems confident...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I'm feeling really vulnerable today... so to combat that I thought I would write a list of things that would normally make me more vulnerable, but today may empower me... we'll see... I may delete it if it doesn't work.

Things people usually don't know about me:

I am very sensitive, the slightest thing said, even in jest, can make me miserable for weeks
I fall in love easily, but have trouble making close friends
I have trichotillomania and dermatillomania (to a lesser degree)
I hate confrontation
Phone calls worry me
I usually think the worst of a situation
I hate shopping on my own, and will rarely do it unless I'm feeling confident that day
As far as I'm concerned, asking people to hang out with me is putting them in an awkward situation
A lot of the time I feel worthless
I rarely feel proud of my accomplishments, but feel very proud of people I love
My family mean more to me than I let on
I don't want kids because I'm frightened I will screw them up and be disapointed in them (not to mention the process)
I still care about all of my exes (and still talk to all 4 of them too)
I hate my face, but don't mind my body
I used to want to be a boy
I appear to take people for granted, but it's really just because I would do what I ask in return in a heartbeat and not expect any thanks
I try to run away from things rather than deal with them
Real emotions are too hard for me to deal with
I am terrified of injections - if I had a horrible disease I would be more worried about the needle than the disease
Embarrasment, guilt and disapointment are the emotions I fear the most
I used to pray every night until I was about 13
I have an addictive personality - this is one of the reason's I have never tried drinking
Hearing about young people drinking, smoking and taking drugs can sometimes upset me to tears
I genuinley hate babies, they annoy me so much I have to get away from them, they envoke an instant tension and anger inside me
I am frightened of what lurks in my mind
If I had more money I'd have a gambling problem
I wish I had the confidence to do more performing, cos I love it
I feel teaching is what I was born to do
If anything goes wrong it feels like my fault
If anything goes wrong it feels like it NEEDS to be my fault
I hurt myself if I feel stupid
I worry I will never be happy
I'm not a horrible person, I just mess up a lot
I feel sorry for myself a lot (see above)

Happy Birthday Seanie!
Sean's 18th Birthday party was tonight, and I was soooo tired, which spoiled it a bit. PLus there were upwards of 40 drama students in there alone! That's twice as many as I see in my lessons.... sheesh.... ;)
All good fun, although I didn't get up and dance.
I did however go through a bit of a milestone which I had to, so I feel much better about that now.
PLUS I got to see the Katester!!!! I miss KT so much :( I hope now she's got a 'proper' job she will be around more. Love to her and her family at the moment.
I'm so tired, and I have to get up early again and clean the house, get ready for Monday's show, sort out my lesson plans, etc etc etc.... I think I'm going to the Corona Bus tomorrow to advertise the CSz show again too.... Which brings me back to today again... This afternoon some of CSzMUK's finest set out to advertise the show. Only 3 came back alive... Joking. It aparantly went very well indeed. I couldn't be there as I was directing the sketches for the sketch show we're doing next week too. That was rather exciting, to hear words you've written! Been a long long time since that's been the case, what with making everything up and the like for so long! ;)
Right well I'm going to bed, I've tried to call Jill a couple of times to no avail... have decided she sucks! ;)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

What fun japes were had last night.
At 11.10pm I was ready for bed to be honest, I even climbed in in my clothes and started the drooling process. Shortly after, Paul Karensa called to be let in... oh yeah, he's staying here tonight! I'd spent all night textually trying to convince Bethan to be in my sketch show... and so she, Leigh, Martin Plant, Tavner and her housemate all poppped in... and she said yes. ROCK.
It was a rather full house, as Dug and Michael were there too.
We had lots of fun, playing truth games and the like, then I put on Weird Al and before we knew it it was 3am!
I got up at half 9 this morning as I have a very busy day ahead. I have to direct 8 sketches! Phew!
The only thing I'm worried about with that is the space. The Store have a show on today as well, so we will see how cumbersome it all becomes.
I really need a shower, and to get Chris to call the new letting agency and see where we are in the process.
LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Friday, October 20, 2006

NEW SHIRTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

What a weird nights sleep. More weird dreams. Being woken up in the dark by a ginger lamb getting ready for work. Then to be woken up in the daylight by a pigeon trying to get in through the sky light!
Both things.
Got work at 2pm today, for two hours. I'm playing a game with them that really puts me in a vulnerable spot. It worked well with the last group, but I'm not too sure about this one. They are a bit more cynical. We'll see.
It's the festival launch party tonight. Should be nice. I hope. Not going for long I don't think. Meeting Chris there.
The flat seems to be finalising now. Just got one or two more things to do then we're in there. Can't wait. But also can. So much to do before then!
Jill arrives monday, I'm worried she'll be disapointed! At least for the first two days seeing as I'm working so much! First time we'll get to properly hang out is Tuesday night. Girly night I think :D So Of course, Ben and Dug are invited! HAR HAR HAR!
Ben has offered to take her round Manchester on Tuesday to show her the sights and excitements.
I will be spending Sunday cleaning.
Got a CSz booking for a school yesterday, so that's good :) And things seem to be looking good. Things seem a bit clearer today.
I was genuinly blown away by John's show tonight... and I actually nearly cried when I got a little thank you in the opening credits... how odd. He was great, and the show was fab, and my filming was OK.
I am shattered, and am daunted by all the stuff that's suddenly going to start happening soon...
We're still not sure about the flat... some problem with the cats. Hopefully that will 'resolve' (their word) itself.
God I hope we get audiences. I will be so devastated if we don't! I can't do anyhting about it though cos I'm working so much... I asked Ben if he'd leaflet seeing as he's in one of the shows... don't think he's going to bother.
Don't know what else I can do. There's only so much plugging I can do at work without it becoming unethical!
I am tired and my eyes are dropping. Does that even make sense? I don't know.
Gah, .... blah.... peprlrfkjfiojewrlje


Oh, and Ben's mum - don't worry about me I'm just a mental :D x

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I'm sure there's stuff I should be doing, but I fancied a night of fun.... and I'm all on my own :(
Ben and I had a busy night last night. We were flitting from club to club ;) hehe. Started at the Frog to watch John's 'presentation'. HILARIOUS! The picture to the left is the exact moment where John nearly fell over and took the laptop with him... it got much better after that ;) The whole thing just blew me away if I'm honest, I think John can be overlooked, which is a horrible shame. He is so talented! Plus I'm totally in love with his character Danny Pensive. hehe. Then Ben and I left and scooted over to the Iguana for more comedy. I went there to watch Daisy, he went there to watch Norman Lovett. I too wanted to watch Norman but after sitting there for half an hour in so much smoke, my eyes would not let me stay any longer. I can't wait for the bloody smoking ban! I also STILL stink of smoke from it. Any way, I took a picture of Lou, and what do you know, behind her is Norman Lovett hehe.
Got up early today to chase up a CSz booking... no luck just yet, will try again at Lunch time... only in work at 11am, so I'm taking this time to get some money in the bank and the like.
Figured out last week that the next two weeks are going to be SO mad busy. I only hope I can entertain my lovely guest Jill in the way she has become accoustomed. Can't wait to see her! I have managed to make time so that we can actually HANG OUT and not just be stressing about shows all the time! ;)
Right well I'm off to get dressed and do stuff...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Wow! i did five straight hours of improv yesterday... no break... and for once I didn't really feel it... only at the end did I flag, I was rather pleased with myself. Had a quick Grinventors workshop afterwards.. I'm getting a bit nervous about that to be honest... but maybe it was just because I wasn't too pleased with how my game went, everyone else was fine... Hung out for an hour or so with John Ben and Lou then went home for a building bridges night with Ben. It was pleasant. We watched one of the two Garth Merengie dvd's I own! I managed to pre-order it in April, forget, and order it again in September... deary me... I still have two Acorn Antiques DVD's spare! Jeez.
Other news for yesterday. We put down a holding fee on a flat. We should know early next week if it's all done and dusted, but I would assume it is.
Here it is
It says Let Agreed - I would like to think that's us! ;) It looks a bit scummy from the outside, and the decorating isn't great inside, but it's lovely really. We are going to move my old bed into the spare room, and take that be to bits so we have a complete room to use. Dug will probably live in there for a little while.
I am spending the day planning lessons. Looking forward to it, I've taken on a lot, but I'm pretty sure I can handle it :D

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Things got better. But I still just felt angry all night. I had to catch my tongue so many times. Stupid.
Off to view a flat in a minute. Also got more CSz workshops... I'm actually feeling a bit nervous today... possibly just cos I've been feeling so weird lately.
Got to get the lamb up and get dressed....

Friday, October 13, 2006

My nightmare is coming true.
I'm not even joking.
This evening is horrible.

Last night was rather pleasant. We showed the Silent Movie we made at Astley Hall. The kids all arrived in Limos! We were all dressed up. People in Tux's. Only problem was, one of the Limo's got stuck in Coppull! How funny. We waited about half an hour! The showing went off without a hitch by that point though, and the music was beautiful! I must admit I had my doubts about that, in hindsight I was just ageist.
Anyway, I hung out with Chris for a bit, after completing the editing for the project I've been working on the last few weeks... then went to bed and had a HORRIBLE nightmare!
I just wrote it down to tell the welch and she said it sounded comical, but believe it wasn't... I was so angry and frustrated in it, and I woke up that way. I somehow ended up at a flat where Ben and John and I think Chris were and after a while I just got so angry that I started screaming and chasing Ben round and properly kicking the shit out of him! It was horrible... I hurt my arm getting flung into a wall... then Ben tried to get away on a bike and I pulled him off it and started beating him up... it was horrible... then I woke up convinced I'd hurt myself. It does sound comical written down...
But it wasn't, it was ugly and real and I was just so angry!
Everything Ben does makes me angry at the moment. I don't even know why anymore.
Anyway... I'm showing the project film today... no limo's and dresses for this one though. Some stills from it:

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Went to see two more flats today... blergh.
Feel a bit down today if I'm honest. Trying to get through all this editing, and I'm losing patience with it. I need a happy distraction and there aren't any.
AND my neck still hurts as usual...
Ah well.
Wow, work is piling up! There are not enough hours in the day... everything this week is going to be a race to the finish!
Foolishly took a bit of time out to watch John at the Frog... i say foolishly, loved every second, but realised that I was creating a load more work to trawl through tomorrow if I stayed any longer, so left at the first break. Saw an interesting mix of people I knew there! Students, Friends from School, Comedy pals I know... very odd mix. Gave the Tavner a lift there, he's still hopping about.
Going to be a pretty work filled week from here on in...*sigh* I love it really, but if I'm honest, I've just made a new friend and want to spend more time with him learning new things! I rarely click with people on a real 'lets hang out and do things' level (KT, Ste, Ben, Rach, Rach and Rach are the expections) And they're all old friends (not that that's bad) and not around (that is bad) and I'm just excited.
But, it'll be reet.
We have the premiere for the Silent Film this week... I hope the music is sorted! I will be annoyed if not - the woman was supposed to call me weeks ago... and I've lost her number... we'll see....
I may do an edit with music on just incase.
Right back to the editing.... I want to try and do another scene before bed (I'ts after midnight and I have to be up at 8... poo)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Well, I have got up fairly early on a sunday in order to get some work done.
The shows have crept up on me, and I have some other work to get done before then! Got some editing to do. Dreading it a bit, it's a mammoth task, or so it feels.
I need to make a list really.
Yesterdays workshops were brilliant! SO much fun. It was the first of the new lot and there were a couple of faces I recognised... but not from Comedy! From when I lived in Chorley... how funny.
Coops walked me to the bus and helped me get on the correct one. Then while I was heading back I realised that I basically had an evening of NOTHING (at least, I could do some work if I wanted) but I was in a good mood so I asked John if he wanted to come over and hang out for the evening... that he did. He brought two bottles of wine, possibly not realising that he would be drinking on his own, and I watched as he slowly got drunk! lol. We had fun and found out many things we had in common - none the least being a bit work-a-holiccy ;) We listened to Bonzo Dog and The Barron Knights... then John, in a drunken stupor, fell asleep, just as Ben got back from his gig.
Was woken at 9am with John trying to get out of the flat - it's like fort knocks here, so he went home to sleep off his hangover I expect ;)
It was a pleasant evening, with a lovely new friend.
Right, onto that smelly work now then...

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Well last night I had gig two.
And it was OK, not as great at the first, but not bad by any means, at least I don't think so.
Today the new lot of ComedySportz workshops begin.
I'm hurridly scurrying to get everything ready - especially as I didn't realise how soon the shows were, including the sketch show!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Well.. a lot happened yesterday!!
I did my first stand up gig, it went GREAT! I really enjoyed it! So much so that I'm doing it again tonight! lol... we'll see if it was a fluke I suppose.
Here is the full set is hiding online somewhere... but I don't want my parents to see it, they are only allowed the edited version, it's too rude for them.
ALSO check out this bad boy:

who's fat face do you see.... MINE!
Yikes, well needless to say I didn't expect that, but I love the fact that it looks like I'm the figure head of British Improv :D ROCK ON!
Anyway, I'm recording some audio for Chris in an hour or so so I had better get my shit together...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

it's gone.... looking again

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

We called back and said we wanted the flat.
They said they weren't sure now as their landlords had sent some people over to get it.
We can get out of our lease early here.
We are waiting.

Oh decisions decisions....
Last night Chris and I went to look at a flat. We were both secretly hoping it would be awful so that we wouldnt' have the dilema we have now... cos it was GORGEOUS! Thing is, the lease for Chris doesn't run out here til december, I can move out any time I like really, my name isnt on anything...
Which I may just do.
Only thing is - can I really afford what is in effect two months rent on my own? Actually I can - just - but then is it worth it? We think so - just - but blah blah blah...
This flat is a shit tip so Chris is going to see if we can call it quits with the landlord a couple of months early.
Who knows.
Watch this space... this time next month i may be somewhere else...

Monday, October 02, 2006

My neck really hurts :( I am fed up with having a constant sore neck and back, and bizzarely it's slowly creeping into my bloody jaw too! Once everything calms down I may see if I can see a specialist or something, I'm just fed up with it. And with Ben not ever here any more I have no one with the stregth to crack it all for me.
Had a work packed night, after about an hour vegging on the sofa.
I had such a busy day.. including a hour long walk!!!!! Yes! Ugh.... me (car driving Bron) thought that a walk from Salford Uni to the Frog would take about 15 minutes... half an hour later, and still not there, realising I had a lesson to teach at 2pm (it was now after 1.30pm) I had to ring to get a message to my students that I was going to be late... the reason i was going to the Frog was to get the pictures I took off the camera i borrowed onto a disc (they didn't come out as well as I'd hoped... my fault for not sorting the settings out til near the end! DOH!). That done I set off back at about 1.50pm. Then, that's when the heavens opened... FOR THE ENTIRE WALK BACK! I got back at 2.20pm, drenched and began the lesson with my students laughing at me.
Ahh well... I've not been to the gym for ages, so it's probably good for me.


Sunday, October 01, 2006

What a busy day! Had a meeting at Salford Arts Centre, we have a couple more official dates to put in our CSz diary... I am really tired.
I left Chris and Dug at half time at the Gong... just cos I realised how much work I needed to do before I went to bed, and I'm glad, cos it's taken me a bit longer than i thought.
I made the CSz poster for the show today... and then combined it with the Grinventors one. It's all coming together - October got here so quick!
Had a nice night with John and Ben last night, just generally chatting and the like. Getting to know John now, and he's a groovy guy :D
OK I'm going to pack all my stuff up for tomorrow now - back to the hard slog! ;)
I have a full day tomorrow, so I need to be on the ball, think I may actually get a lunch as well. SHIT! No I wont, I have to walk into town and drop off the camera I borrowed! poop. well... it'll be good... actually I may even try and figure out the bus