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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Firstly... you must all check out
it is the law... it's my new online CV... check it out - see if you would give me a job! ;)
Talking of jobs... still only the one so far... but ComedySPortz is keeping me pretty busy right now.
The Last Laugh is going slowly (the Youth Theatr play I'm directing).. I'm a bit concerned.. but then I always am. The great thing is the leads areall newbie pretty much so they are really keen and have learned most of their lines already!

Things are going great with Ste. Had a talk the other day with a friend who knows him and we were trying to think about why me and ste are together... wedidt' come up wtih an answer... the closest thing to an answer was that he makes me happy. We have pretty much nothing in common except we love each other and like being around each other... so much in fact that he has gone to work today and locked me in! The doofus. He'll be back soon to set me free I hope!
The dissertation was handed in... did I mention that? Well it was poo.. but much more worked on poo, some hopefully it will scrape through - although I am not holding my breath knowing that evil Institute!
This weekend I'm off back to London to spend time with the Welch and to go to a Comedy Festival.. it's called a festival but I know not why as it's basically just a day of workshops - should be cool. Have to remember to take a packed lunch! I'm most impressed it's only cost me £25 to get on the course... yeah baby - a perk for being unemployed! Or is that unemployable. I get to do improv with Neil Mullarky! No one knows who he is do they? Ahh well.. he rocks! And reminds me creepily of Sean Duxbury from the theatre...
So hopefully i'll come away with some fantastic hilarious stories.. or I'll just sit at the side, quietly, as usual
Anyhoo - going ot go and claw at the door to be let out..
This blog brought to you by Welchie's mind... cos I ran out of things to write after the second sentence...

Monday, February 16, 2004

Well I am here in Surrey once again..I am sooo tired! I got hardly no sleep and I've driven here... so I am knakkered.. I'd set aside tonight for sleep anyway cos tomorrow is going to be hard work.
I can't believe that after Wednesday I can live again! I can get on with all my COmedySportz plans, sort out the CYT show, tidy the house etc etc... all stuff that I actually will enjoy! I am so tense my back and shoulders are agony.. some of that may be because I went golfing the other day for the first time in years!
I am listening to my Valentine gift from my lovely boyfriend - Jerry Springer the Opera - if you are in London you HAVE to see this show! Seriously, it's amazing and hilarious!
Anyway, I need sleep now

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Staying true to form as I shoudl be writing my dissertation I am writing my blog.. don't ever say I don't have a system!
Am heading down to Farnham tomorrow with Ste, for hopefully the LAST TIME EVER!
I am handing in on Weds... hopefully.. if all goes according to plan.
I was doing some work downstairs (I am at ste's) but i had to leave the front room as he put the telly on.. then looked confused as to why I had to walk out!! Ahh well whatever... this work is stressing me out enough without having to worry about boyfriends.
I am so achy and tiredI just want a bath and bed :(
Am hopefully going to the Comedy Store on Weds night which should be groovy.
Anyway - got to go and make a start

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

work to be done...

I got the job in eccles thogh - 3 hours a week...


Tuesday, February 03, 2004

So it's February - this is when my life becomes more real - I have only 16 days left to re-write my dissertation... it was all going well til I got back from Surrey last week. Suddenly I have a whole load of distractions! And I tried really hard to avoid that... I have a a job interview tonight in Eccles which I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get as there's bound to be loads of people there with much more experience than me, plus I've pestered the interviewer majorly by just being me! My computer isplaying silly beggars more than ever before, this may be due to the fact that the plug exploded on myhand the other day... great... so I'm currently at Ste's (my new boyfriend... did I mention him ;) ) using his computer while he's at work which allows him to mock me for not having a job! I'm quite happy to be jobless until this dissertation is done. The Youth theatre play is being directed without me currently cos I haveno time to commit to it... so it'll either be great or I'll have to tidy it up in a few weeks. ComedySportz is hotting up - we have loads of workshop and show bookings, it's quite exciting - only thing is others are in myboat and can't commit to it.. so I need to organise some more auditons soon or else I'm going to run out of people! I am auditioning for Oliver tomorrow night, which I've not even had time to think of. Sounds big headed but I will be really mad if I dont' get the lead! Nancy that is... it's just, if I was directing it - I'd chose me over the others... but who knows... if there's someone who's much better suited then me then go them, and they'd just better do it well that's all I can say.... lol... As well as my dad not being well which is sad and frustrating...
So, yeah, I can feel the stress mounting... it will start easing off a tad this week.. but I have to have another draft of my diss done by Sunday and I've not really done anything at all on it. Bah!
So I should really do some work - Ste will be home for his lunch soon then I'm heading home to prepare for this interview... scary stuff