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Friday, June 24, 2005

Wow, what a day yesterday turned out to be.
Went to Southport with ginger lamb where I got to skate for the first time this year! I love skating, I really wish I could skate more without looking like a prat. I wish I could fit my skates in to take them over to the states - no one gets mocked over there.
I have burns on my arm and neck where I must have missed with the sun cream... very delicate..
My Texan (Evan) says aparantly I'm going to cook like a small chicken in Texas... so I'm slightly worried about my pale pale skin.. lol... be reet.
So, yeah last night... went to a comedy night, a free one, result, with Chris. There were only about 4 people in the audience and the rest of the audience was acts, or other acts that were supporting the night. Anyway, Chris was headlining, but he decided as there wasn't a lot of people that to do some sort of improv thing. So I was roped in to do some games. Was rather interesting to get up in front of a tonne of comedians! Rather scary. Anyway, the guy who runs the night loved it! (mostly cos he joind in and was very good). Was also strange to play some games NO HOLDS BARRED as it were. We did Worlds Worst (went great) Forward Reverse (didn't work), Last Action Joke (guys didnt' quite get the hang of it) and Household Olympics (went down very well.. the guys commentating were great, need to learn more about Offers and the like though). The point for doing this was to get people more into improv and then they might be more willing to join or at least WATCH CSz when it reaches manc... Was fun and interesting.... and I got a couple of laughs. And succesfully 'slammed' someone... aparantly.
Currently listening to the Beatles, and chilling a bit - although should be doing some work.

Skating in Southport..

Ang again, but this time just being stupid..

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Had a lovely lunch today. The last couple of days I’ve been working in a primary school in Lytham, yesterday I actually went to a restaurant and had a meal BY MYSELF for lunch – this is unheard of for me… and today I took a jaunt into Lytham town centre, and it was very pleasant. I spent about £25 in the charity shops there… Lytham is like Southport and Llandudno combined for the blue rinse brigade… I had a punnet of raspberries for my dinner as well as a cheese pie – hand made. Lovely.
I actually walked around today and felt more like life was good, I’ve been rather down the last few days, proper felt sick to get out of bed down… but I persisted and now I feel much better – although tired as usual, I can’t wait for my holiday!
I am actually a little pink from today too, the weather has been lovely the last few days… a bit too hot in my little Corsa though, no air conditioning… grr
Rehearsal tonight…
Oh before I go… I made myself laugh at the school today… there’s a bit in the show where some lads have to chase Mr Toad… one of the lads fell over today… not hurting himself… but I said ‘and Mr Toad gave them the slip’… hahaha.. hahaha.. hah..ah.. ahem

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Had a horrible dream last night, in the few hours of sleep I actually managed (so very hot!)... basically it was tonights CSz match... and LOADS of people turned up, mostly old people. Which was great. But then it all started to go horribly wrong. I wasn't reffing so I was stressing anyway (cos I'm a control freak) and all the red team had forgotten their shirts so they were all wearing something else, and I think they had masks on. All these people kept coming in as we were starting the match, and they all looked really disapointed. Then it turned out I WAS the ref and I couldnt' remmeber any of the games Steph kept suggesting we play. I also had to make an executive decision that we were cutting two games out to save time or something. It was all pretty shitty, and I'm soooo tired... anyway, I'm off to rehearsal now.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

omg - I'm going to sneeze! I dont want to be ill! Not again! I was really ill before Half a Sixpence and I can't afford to get ill now! Grrr
Well, I'm bored...
I stayed in tonight, first time in ages really... at least it feels like it... i can't get into anything...
I may actually just go to bed... yes! Before midnight! MADNESS!
well today was mostly spent eating... tomorrow I have a rehearsal and comedysportz... am a bit worried about the audience again, it's supposed to be a very warm day tomorrow which doesn't bode well with comedy...
we'll see

A silly day with my mummy..
busy busy busy as usual.
for most the weekend is a rest time... for me, it's when it all starts happening.. or at least it's when it CONTINUES happening.
Ugh - Keya wants to get online so I'll write more later... here are some pictures to be going on with

Bron decides to try a new style..

kitty decides to take a nap in one of my boxes of marking...

He soon wakes up when he realises we're going to ship him off to Richard Boon - whoever he is.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

well, look at me.... hmm.. what am I doing? typing that's what... I'm so special...
I feel rather strange today. Had an odd 'I'm crap' night last night... which made no sense as I had a lovely phone call from the Uni yesterday offering me more work - I should hav been beaming really.
I think a lot of it comes from all this time spent around all these comedians... it makes my own confidence hit the floor off and on cos I'm not up to their standard... yeah it all sounds a bit 'woe is me' but it's just the way it is right now.
I am tired at the moment.. I'm not getting enough sleep and when I do sleep I'm just stressing about things. Just little things. Stupid things. But that's the way my brain works.
Anyway. Going to go now. I have pizza left over from last night... mmmmm

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


yeah I got woken up this morning with a phone call that said 'where are your marks?' - DAMN! And I thought I was soooooooo organised for once!
Luckily the majority of the marks are done... I only have 4 late hand ins to mark...

Just a bit of a run around day today i envision that's all...


Saturday, June 11, 2005

today Lewis Quinn left our youth theatre... and my top got really really small ...

Here we are sending Lewis off and eating crappy ice lollies that tasted of water

Friday, June 10, 2005

rent rent rent rent rent reeennnnnt
I just watched the trailer for RENT the movie... I can't wait to see it! I can't imagine it'll be better than the stag version, but if nothing else it'll be interesting... the real test is if I cry like a little baby at the end... i've never cried in a cinema yet.. but we'll see...

check out the trailer:


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Just got back from Dublin
Spent a day there to help my mum trace her fathers roots - was a lovely walk and researching day. Lots of fun. Am shattered though.
Took lots of pictures on my mums new swanky camera... cos she didnt know how to use it!, and only tooka couple on my phone as for some reason the battery conked out!

Bron and Mum on the bus from the airport

Me and mum spitting in the Liffey!

Off to Tesco now - will the excitement never end!!??!?!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Well, i am currently sat in manchester watching Chris pulverise some pixels on his X Box or whatever it is.... it's a box... it has joystick things... that's all I need to know.
CSz went well last night, i did a joke that me and the Texan came up with, it was funny, but I didnt' sell it as well as I should have so I was nearly given a groaner staright off the bat! As it stands I had to award myself with a Brown Bag at the end for saying 'We're available for bookings... i said bookings!'... oh dear... should have left it... but whatever. Was a good match with a tonne of new people there so it was all good. Hopefully they will then bring more new people.
Whenver I dont advertise we seem to get more people! It's like we're elite now or something... only the 'in crowd' are in the know! We also may get to play in the Manchester Comedy Festival! So that will just be aceness on a funny stick!
Today has been my first proper day off for ages! And I realyl need it! Not to say I dont have a tonne of stuff I shoudl be doing, but it was just really nice to have a relaxing day.
I've been eating way too much ice cream the last few weeks, I've missed it so. I remember Jer saying her weakness was custard, mine is certainly ice cream. I never used to be a huge fan but after having a year of not being able to eat it it's just made me go a bit mental.
Am off to XS Malarkey tonight to watch Beth and other people I now know. Tomorrow I have some meetings then I think I'm back there again as I fly to Dublin on Weds morning to meet up with my mum and also Sandra from CSz Dublin. Then I'm back here to spend time with my mummy :)
Anyway.. I think I may have some more ice cream now...

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Phew... I've been so stupidly busy recently, it's just been MAD MAD MAD!
Well, stuff I've done... hmmm.. did a workshop in Skem the other day for TWO children! At least one of them enjoyed it... haha. I went to their local post office and got a load of old posters that we cut up and turned into costumes then we made up a short play based around them.... lots of fun... mostly just for me I think.
I am totally in love with my new mobile phone! It does everything! And me being the photo freak that I am, I LOVE that I can transfer stuff to my computer! I'm in LURVE!

Chris and Beth rocking out at Kareoke!

Butch and Sundance... but which is which?

Chris gives Bron a backrub in the Frog and Bucket comedy club... in a funny way

Bron's hair changes colour - yet again

Louise fails at Jenga!

AND it's my sister's 25th birthday today! Happy birthday keya, you oldie.