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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Things were just about to simmer down OR SO I THOUGHT.... seems I owe Tax Credits nearly £600! gah
Luckily this month I'm OK for money... but I could still do without paying that back... annoying....

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

it's been a nightmare, but huge thanks must go out to John for the use of his lovely broadband during this time....
I need to buy a nice new chair for my computer... the scummy one I used to have just doesn't cut the mustard anymore...
Below are some pictures from the last couple of weeks that I've not been online... fill in the gaps...

Here is Chris in the new kitchen cooking up a storm, as he likes to do... I think mainly quiche at this stage.
The kitchen is rather large, which is good, I just put all of Binx's food and drink stuff in there today, and a chair too, so it's fine for our measly needs...

Binx stalking the bedroom... she seems rather settled alread which is great! She's a rather timid cat, but she was happily wandering around within hours of us moving her in here.
She did however keep us up most of the night moving around on the bed!

Me in the living room.... we're oh no nearly completely in!
I wish this was moving quicker though, I hate being in two places... Dug is moving in tomorrow for a few weeks too, so we will be snug - especially as I think ben is staying over a few nights too...

The reason for John and Mine's Blackpool jaunt last week.
John's a huge Doctor Who fan, but had never been to the museum in Blackpool, so we went.
I'd been before but some of the manequins STILL managed to freak me out! CURSES.
Afterwards we walked all the way down the Golden Mile to the Pleasure Beach. Where John went on The Big One!
No one would sit next to him so he looked like 'the creepy guy' especially on the photo that the ride took - looked like he was perving on the young man in front of him! hehehee... laughed hard.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

wel, just another quick update... broadband has been connected in the flat! UNFORTUNATELY our phone line has disapeared!
So once again I am pestering John using his internet.... ;)
Had a fab day in Blackpool today, got some marking to do tonight and then things are winding down a little before Xmas...
Had a nice meal with Keya and Dad and the lamb the other night too ....
speak soon
hopefully sooner

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Well hello there... just a quick note, as I'm at my friend John's... he is kindly letting me use his internet... oooo
just though ti'd let you know that things were slowly slowly still moving.... work has been very stressful this week.... life is weird but not horribly bad or anything.
Did another stand up gig last night which went fine... got some laughs... certainly didn't die anyway.
Got to get back to the ridiculous amount of emails I have in my inbox...

Friday, November 17, 2006

Make up your mind BT!
The phone line hasn't been stopped... annoying.. that was my motivation to get my arse in gear and finish moving! But to be honest I've felt too rotten tonight to do much really.
I've played with some music that my nana wanted, and I've packed some videos... i fell asleep while Chris went to his gig and now I'm a bit awake, he has gone to bed.... am waiting to hear how John and Ben's gigs went...

Thursday, November 16, 2006


What an amazing night! I don't think I've ever seen John so excited! I don't know if anyone has! ;)
It really was great, all these old blokes just having an absolute ball! It was infectious. Love Neil Innes, this was the second time I'd seen him, it was great to see him with the band!
Ade Edmondson fitted in like a charm, he really had the feel of the show in his boots... Phill Jupitus, less so. Although his rendition of Canyons Of Your Mind was better than I expected. There were some excited japes too which included "Legs" Larry Smith and Phill Jupitus having a fight right next to where we were sat! Also some lovely tap dancing moments by "Legs"... we were treated to robots, bubbles but no trumpet playing from Roger Ruskin Spear (not forgetting his noises of the leg).... some amazing Electric Saw Playing from the old, seated, Vernon Dudley Bohay-Nowell... and some rather spritly spoon playing from Sam Spoons...
What a great night, didn't want it to end.... but they're all rather elderly and needed their beds I think ;)
So.... great stuff.
Back to real life a bit today which is a pain.
Didn't sleep great last night either, which doesn't help. Got to go to work in a few hours but until then the living room is occupied with guests, and there is a fair amount of shite just scattered everywhere, I need to get out of here... QUICK!
Feels a bit like real life is getting me down - I can't think of CSz again cos I'm sure this venue is not going to work out... so that makes me down... it took me a year to find that one! and now I need another one! Ugh.
Anyway.... having said that, the workshops are filling up rather quickly! So that's good. After this one I'm going to up the price I think. More improv is happening in the UK now, a new tv show and the like... so maybe we'll start getting more recognition!
Anyway... the internet will disapear in a few hours so I'm going to make sure everything's tied up.

Oh before I go.... here is a video I took last night of the Head Balet... nad the original balet :D compare

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What a weird night... as soon as everyone left me (I was on my own for most of the night) I got really ill! NOT IMPRESSED! I had to go to bed, and stayed there til Chris got back from the wrestling, when he brought me some soup... then I went to sleep again. Waking up this morning was weird, and I can hardly talk :(
I am teaching in an hour, so I hope I can speak by then! I am sucking winter nips.
Tonight John and I are going to watch a band... an old band... in fact it's their 40th anniversary! The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band! I can't wait! It's going to be mental!
Never in a million years I thought I'd find another fan!

My darling, in my cardboard-coloured dreams, once again, I heard your laugh. And I kiss, yes, I kiss your perfumed hair. The sweet essence of Giraffe. And each time I hear your name, Oh, oh, my, my, how it hurts! In the wardrobe of my soul... In the section labeled "shirts."

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

possibly.... ON thursday my phone line gets cut off here, while my new line is up at the new flat.
AOL is taking its sweet ass time getting us switched over. So if you don't see me from Thursday that is why....
txt me if you need me


But happy Birthday to BEN! OLD! Ahem. 32 today... ;) at least that's what we were telling everyone... think that may have got annoying quickly. We had a lovely meal at the Indian then headed to the Red Lion for drinks... oh it sounds so very refined. And only a touch of fighting.

I came home early do some work, but it looks like I'm going to have to hit the hay as they say... I'm knakkered, and I have another long day tomorrow so I'm going to get up early and do my work then... so THERE!



Sunday, November 12, 2006

So, it's been a couple of weeks since Kitty left us. Since then BINX HAS GONE MADDDDDDD! I'm not even joking, she's started licking really badly and has taken huge chunks out of the walls! Aparantly Kitty has turned into a delightful cat, I keep being shown lovely pictures of him sitting on people being really cute! WHAT IS GOING ON?!
SO I'm slightly worried about the new flat now, glad I've bought some new couch covers. Am going to get a scratch post today I think, and get her used to it before the move.
Today is just a wash of work work work, so much marking and the like.
Last night we packed up most of Chris's stuff, and I did all my records and nearly put my back out in the process. My legs are SO sore still. They have been sore for months, I am going to HAVE to go to the doctors about it, it's getting pretty debilitating now.
Chris is off to a gig shortly, and Ben and Dug are asleep so I will have to try and use this time to get all my work done! I am taking Ben out for his birthday today to get him a present... :D I'm a nice friend... most of the time...
Oh and because there's no shelves at the new flat yet, this is how I've had to stack my videos... I quite like it to be honest.... see if there's anything you may like to borrow ;)
See yas

Saturday, November 11, 2006

I dunno this seems to think I am....

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You scored a total of 46

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The Loyal Friend

Friday, November 10, 2006

Today's been a weird one, well this week's been pretty up and down if I'm honest.
Yesterday I spoke to Ben, and he's really concerned about me. He thinks I may be a bit bi-polar. Which is something I've thought for a while if I'm honest... but still, not got time to doctor it, and it's not affecting me too much at the moment I suppose - as in, I'm used to myself.
This morning began with a close friend's fathers funeral, which was a very beautiful service. Moments like that that really make you think. I am so sad for her and her family. There was a lot of love in that Church this morning.
Anyway - just to highlight the weirdness I'm feeling right now to the left is a picture of Gay Ben.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Well I'm at work right now, eating my cheese sandwich - I live of those things here...
I am waiting on hearing from the lamb to see how work has gone for him today, trouble is a brewing me thinks, as does he :(
I have bought a banana for my lunch too, trying to get back into being more healthy, I need to!
I just had an assessment with some of my first years, it was OK, it felt a little like I was being assessed too - I think I didn't do them much of a service in some departments... but then over lunch I helped another student with some other work which made me feel much more confident... hopefully that will continue... I may carry on marking now... blah

Well, what a night. I honestly wanted to leave when we got there. Nothing had been done to advertise the show in the venue... nothing. At 7.25pm when there were only 4 audience members I was about to cry. Then a young lad who came to the last match showed up... his mum was rushing him there, and said she wanted to go and get a couple of other people but was worried they would be too late... we offered to wait for them! So we did.
We had a great match! So sad for such a low turn out for our 5th anniversary match, but it was still great fun!
John and Ben had their first matches and it was so great to see Emily play again! She is so good! I hope we see her more again!
Anyway, I have to get ready for work... I have some assessments today.... I'm nervous for them already.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Had a great night last night. Much fun with friends and sparklers. I am so tired today though as an alarm has been going off in the street ALL NIGHT! I'm sure there's a law against that, I thought they had to have breaks in them or something... I dunno. Anyway, that didn't keep me awake so much as it kept Chris awake, which kept me awake.
I just feel miserable today, you know when you can feel it in your stomach? Well, there it is... I hate it. We have ComedySportz tonight and I just can't see ANYONE turning up for it... I really hope I'm wrong... becuase I HATE feeling like this about something I love.
I have a full day at work as well, which is fine, but I just don't want to do it cos I want to get everything ready for the show... ugh. Our shows used to be on saturdays or sundays... not used to the whole working before I do it thing...
Anyway, enjoy these pictures of people with sparklers, especially if you didnt' get to go to a fireworks party or anything.
I did.
Well kind of
We stood in the park next to Lou's building and just watched everyone elses ;) I enjoyed it.
This guy next to me in this picture got drunk and probably can't remember anything ;)
Have a good day, no doubt I will update on the show, hopefully it will be happy stuff. Oh yeah, and it's our 5th anniversary show, which would make me even sadder if no one came...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Not got much time cos I'm off to a Grinventors/Guy Fawkes partay...
But last night was our first night at the flat... it was weird, but I think that's mostly cos there's no computer there or phone or anything... we watched shit tv, Chris made a lovely meal and we went to bed. Woke up this morning and went straight to IKEA! And while there we discovered a) it's not far away and b) there was an A&W resturant there! Chris was extatic! Although it turned out the root beer wasn't working today... we will no doubt be visiting again.
Anyway, I spent £70 at IKEA on stuff... so far I've spent about £130! I will have to curtail that a bit as I don't get paid for another 3 weeks! DOH!
BELOW are before and after shots of the living room...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

God I feel poo today. It's like everything's just piling on top of me. I really feel like I hate myself at the moment.
No need to post comments.
Just needed a vent
Visited the flat a couple of times yesterday. It's lovely, but a little small. Am really going to have to gut a lot of my personal belongings. I knew the time would come, just not looking forward to it. I'm very much a hoarder. Something will ALWAYS come in!
After such a nice night I fell asleep on the couch (as I'd finished all the work for the Uni for a while) and when chris woke me up aparantly I went mental and kept shouting at him, so he slept on the couch... only really realised that when I woke up this morning and felt bad :( Think I just really needed a good nights sleep.
Got some very sad news from a very close friend today, so I am sending my thought her way.
I have to go to work shortly so I'm going to get ready.