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Friday, August 27, 2004

Well... what to do, what to do... today was cancelled due to flooding... yes I kid you not... so only one day out of 3 I've worked this week so not much money, on the up side, dont have to pay tax on that cos it's under the ammount... but blah.. how am I going to get to LA at this rate?
I have finally nearly finished unpacking..and i tidied my room last night (it's a mess again now though)... i also managed to make myself look at the video of Tech Speak, as anticipated the recording of the last night is AWFUL.. my camera sucks ass and theya re going to get a HUGE chunk of my mind when I ring up ... RARGH! DOnt' buy from Curry's and dont buy JVC camcorders!
OK gonna go and start my day properly now

Tuesday, August 24, 2004


That is all I can say about today (with 12 7 year olds and no help).... and it's not over yet... off to Eccles...


Monday, August 23, 2004

Well the show has ended.. and it went well.. and was fun! Had a rather depressing Sunday and now today has been odd..
I was supposed to be doing drama workshops in Ormskirk... but only two kids turned up! So after faffing about ON MY OWN for about half an hour got word to shorten the workshop to the morning, but the kids parents just took them home instead... so I got the day off, which is cool, but that means no money of course... *sigh*
it's only 10pm and I'm knakkered!
Today I heard all about the CSz Milwaukee picnic... which made me jealous - so I had my own:


Friday, August 20, 2004

I am tired so to update you with opening night here's a copy of the e-mail I sent to a few people:

Opening night went well... over half full, 120 ish (good for an opening with no special offers ;)) and a wonderful reaction from the audience...
I'm one of those people who can't take it though... people come up to me and say 'That was great' and I just dont know how to react... I either go 'oh thanks, but this went wrong' or 'oh thanks, wasn't everyone else so good' or just 'thanks' and then leave asap. I was so chuffed with the response to the script too, as this play was written by one of my oldest friends, I am excited for her... she's coming to watch it on Saturday! The cast will get it all right by then I hope (a couple of big chunks cut out tonight and a few slow entrances). The critic who gave me my awards this year (Best Play and Best Director if I didn't mention it already ;) )is coming on saturday too! SHould be exciting.
My 10 minutes film at the beginning seemed to go OK but I have had to change the opening to the play to reflect the speed and beat of the film... the play kind of stopped at the start, if you know what I mean.. so we are rejigging it for tomorrow.
Am trying to grab a good still of the girly snog to freak out Rach and Char with hehe...
So tonight was grrrrrreat... I was given my trophy and certificates for afore mentioned awards tonight too.. they had been sat behind the bar waiting for me :) So I am happy... and tomorrow I get a morning where i dont need to set my alarm!!! (this is an extreme rareity in my world - even if I dont have anything today (another rareity) i will set my alarm)... so I 'm going to see when I sleep to. Hope it continues to the end of the week.. I like being in a good mood... doesn't quite top tournament though... maybe if they get it all right before the end of this short run it will ;)

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Well, opening night tonight.. i think it's going to go OK.. last nights rehearsal went pretty well - or at least it went quicker...
As far as I know I have done everything that needs to be done... i will be glad to relax soon... or as close to it as I ever get...
I was talking to some of my cast last night, and I realised I don't really have any friends. I dont have any people around me who I can just hang out with. I am either their 'boss' or just too old to hang out. All the people I could hang out with have either moved or have partners now. I also realised I don't relax... I never relax... i dont even really know how to. I always have to be busy, with some project in the air... but I do LONG for a time when I have nothing to think about, but if I ever reach that time, thats the time I invent NEW things to do...
Every year I think I'll slow down but I never do.
Anyway... got to go and get ready now... *sigh*


Monday, August 16, 2004

Three days before my play starts! EEK! It's all a bit scary... SCARY! But I am battling on... nearly finished my editing, and picked pretty much all of my music with help from pals, especially new pal Brian from Milwaukee who is a 60's music god!
This week is going to be scary... as is next week - I have a week long of workshops with 5-10 year olds... yikes... not thought about what I'm doing yet... we'll see.
Had a job interview the other day, went interestingly, we'll see. £20 an hour though! Not baaaaaaad.
Still waiting for decent pics from the match we played in in Milwaukee... this will have to do for now - for some reason people only seemed to take pics of us singing.
Am still sad about not being a 'star' any more... but the stress of my play is over coming that... may have found a venue for CSz though so that's a slight relief :D



Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Well.. I'm back... and I'm sad.. I had such an amazing time at tournament!! Honestly - one of the best times in my life... ever... so much happened and so much has changed... *sigh* For now you are just getting bullet points as my jet lag took over and I only got up at 1pm today... 1) We beat the Milwaukee Team in CSz at tourney, in their home town! yay us... 2) we were told by lots of people that it had reaffirmed their belief in CSz... 3) I won Best Direction and Best Play for Stags and Hens at Noda Awards ... 4) My play goes on in 9 days and I'm bricking it ... 5) me and Sandra from Dublin CSz are organising a mini european tournament... 6) I am knakkered... and am going to start my day

Monday, August 02, 2004

More fuin stuff today... we went to see a movie - Farenheit 9/11...

I enjoyed Farenheit 9/11 ... it was very informative. As a documentary much less biased than Bowling for Columbine (not that that was a bad thing in B4C, he was out to tell us his opinion), this was much more about just informing people about stuff they in theory should already know - but hav never been told. AS with B4C it was a tad too long, but I think that a lot about films. We were expecting him to talk more about TOny Blair in relation to everything, but that didn't happen... but then again I think we do get more info about things than you are allowed to see over here. I was amazed at the news reports you were shown concerning 'terror alerts'! Terrfying in themselves! Terifies me even more when I see how our news is becoming more like the US coverage on things... it's not there yet, but I can see it getting that way. We came out of the film and all just kind of looked at each other and said 'how is all that possible, how has it happened' ... and that's the only downside of the film - there are no real answers... but then again, there aren't any.
So, yes I enjoyed it.

So we also went to a casino today... last time I went there was for my 18th birthday... since then they serve alcohol so PIj was turned away... so we left and went to play Mini Golf in the sweltering heat I may add! I was wearing cords!! Gagh! I was very wet, dizzy and tired afterwards... and I lost... badly... Steven however had to take a shot from over a stream in the grass as he had over shot and we woudlnt' let him back on the green ;) hehe. We drove all teh way (70 miles there and then 70 miles back) in my mums mustang with the top down... i put sun block on but still got burned and sore from the sun... I have decided I dont like the sun... but I dont want to say it too loud... people may take it away from me...
Spoke to Russell (who is looking after CSz for me while we're all here), and he's sorted for our BIGGEST booknig so far! Gagh! The one that I can only get 4 people for! Sheesh... scary... bless him.. I'm sure he'll be fine though.
Gona watch Family Guy and go to bed I think