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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Phew... what a day... of nothing!
I did some knitting, but that's about all I've done today.. I hate days of nothing, but I think I needed to recoup a bit.
Was still beaming when I got to rehearsal so had fun and enjoyed singing, only it was weird cos I couldn't open my mouth too much :(
Off to bed..
Well.. it's done...
I was numb for ages, and the temp filling he put in my other tooth still hurts :(... I am booked in next week to get that taken out... ugh... at least I know what to expect...
I tell you what I DIDN'T expect... to have this done, be shaken and bloody, walk to the reception and see my ex's new GF stood there... perfect end to a perfect day... ugh.

so, one down one to go... just as horrible as anticipated, but I managed to get through it mind over matter. I spent the entire time spelling words on the ceiling, Babylon was the hardest. The noise was horrible and I'm not looking forward to that again next week, but at least I know I can do this now... then I just have a few fillings to go then it's all done and I start learning how to look after my teeth!
I didn't really eat yesterday, but I've managed some of my tikka masala leftovers today, hard work and slow going, but I seem to have suceeded... lol
I was just saying to Welchie... I feel good today!
I just bought ELO's greatest hits (yes, now I have that on vinyl, minidisc and now CD...), put it on in my car and drove home with the window open as it was sunny, and i just sang along and though, 'today I feel good'... I hope it continues :D

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

AS anticipated I'm sat here at 2.30am trying to stay awake... I just spent the last hour looking up 'extractions' online so I have a better idea of what's going to happen tomorrow...
Also as anticipated it's freaked me out again. Although it did make me see what COULD happen if I dont get all this sorted out. I've got off lightly really. But I'm stupid...and once this is all over I will realise it's not such a big deal and then I'll look after myself better... in theory...
Binx is sat on my knee right now looking up at me looking all sweet.
I'm tired but I WANT TO BE... i really dont want to sleep... if I sleep it gets closer.
Trying to think of things to fill the day with tomorrow. I am ordering some football rattles for ComedySportz! I'm going to paint them blue and red and hand them out to audience members in the second half so they can vote on the team they liked the best... im Madison they used to use plates, in MKE torches in Portland fly swotters.... so I think UK can have footy rattles :D
Our next match is on a saturday at the theatre again.. which sux just cos of the usual messing about, but should raise our audiences again I hope.
Me and keya started writing a sitcom the other day... I was going to stay up and write that, but I'm not feeling funny right now.. the first page is written. Each ep has to be 5 minutes long (we're going to try and submit it to an online TV Station thing... assuming they accept PAL entries...)

Anyway.. I'm going to watch a vid now and get this cat off me.


Monday, March 28, 2005

what's that all about then eh?
Last week was one of the most confusing in my little innocent girly life... if someone kisses you, they like you yes? Surely? Yes?? Who knows...
I'm fed up with theatre lovies... they are a different breed. lol
Anyhoo.. over that now. Tomorrow I have a rehearsal at 9.30am! then onto work in Wigan! Tuesday night I am anticipating NOT sleeping at all as I am having a tooth taken out Wendesday at 4.30pm... I am dreading it, and have the shakes and my eyes well up even thinking about it... so refuse to.. my plan is to stay awake all night so that I'm so tired and disorientated by the time it comes to it that I'm not bothered... just like I do for flying.
My sister is coming with me to make sure I get there and home OK... I dont like having people with me, cos I get in a state and it's pathetic... but rather her than anyone else.
I ate a load the last few days, which I needed to... cos I got down to 9st 5lbs! SOooooo I'm making up for it.. it still hurts to eat but not as much as it has in the past so I'm still eating...
going now

Monday, March 14, 2005

So - I start my very busy week with a swollen neck!
If I didn't have these problems with my Teeth I would think I had mumps (which has just had an outbreak in my building at the Uni)... I look like I did before I lost all this weight...
Maybe it's cos I forgot to take two of my antibiotics yesterday, who knows... I only know it hurts and I have tonnes to do! But I just want to sleep.
I am also cold... this house is always so COLD.. I still blame the old front door and it's gaps.
Today my good friend (and ex) Ste gets all his hair chopped off for charity! Should be interesting to check out! hehe. I think he's rather scared about it, as would I be if I'd had long hair pretty much all my adult life... I get mine chopped a lot nowadays, not like when I was little.. I still get a bit aprehensive when I get it cut though.
If I'm still swollen by the middle of the week I dont know what to do! I have my dentist apt booked, so I can't speed it up.
This tooth feels like it's going to drop out any day anyway. Grr.
I have to go to a primary school down the road shortly to help some kids interview some people who were at school in the war. I'm a bit nervous as I just know something's going to go wrong... I hope it doesn't... I'm actually getting PAID for this.
Keya's currently shouting at the cat... they have both been rahter mental the last few days...
Anyway.. I'm off to prepare all my stuff for these interviews.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Hi there
Believe you wouldn't have wanted me to blog over hte last couple of weeks, it would just have been one big drone of 'I'm soooooo ill and feel sorry for myself'..
There's likely to still be an element of that in this post but I will try and move on...
Basically my teeth have become so bad that they are making me dizzy and in constant pain.. I called the dentist and have an apt for the 30th March... so I've been proactive... in related news I also went to the docs! Who gave me antibiotics for the infection... so in theory this shoudl get better right?
Ahh who knows - I still feel like I'm swimming in cotton wool.

Next week is going to be incredibly busy... but at least I have my voice back.

What AM I going to moan about once I get my teeth sorted?!?


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Not blogged for a while - mostly cos I've been V ill with flu and bad teeth and busy at the same time.... so not much to write