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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Spent a nice evening with my parents last night. Dad goes back to the states tomorrow.
My neck and back have gone into spasm overload! Chris very kindly rubbed me up the right way this morning so it's sorted it a bit.
Not sure what I'm doing for new years, probably will stay in... last year was the first time I'd done anything other than stay in or go to Liz's so I'm not really missing out on that much I don't think.
Chris is deciding what to do as well.
Am a bit too sore to sit here to be honest so that's your lot!
Oh and thanks for the call Jill, I love my Dallas based Jill :)

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Well, where to start.
Christmas was nice, we went to my parents for some lovely food and present opening.
Was nice to be all together, and chris was there too which was a nice change also, he brought some ginger merryment to the day. I got a fair few clothes, and some useful bits and bobs which will come in very handy.
After eating we headed straight to Somerset (via the katester to drop off pressies - she has since decided that Bitches Aint Shit by Ben Folds is disgusting). Got there about half 9 i think, and was instantly fed by chris's mum. I was given a lovely thoughtful pressie from Chris. A USB record player! So I can put all my vinyl onto my computer! ROCK ON! I will start doing that once Dug has moved out and there's more room here.
The next day was filled with fun and festive frolics, which included taking the mental dog for a walk, but it was a really nice walk. Chris mocked me for the way I walked the dog (not stopping at any point)... well, he'd wee'd enough as far as I was concerned.
I got to meet many of the Brayley side of the family, and they were pleasant and fun.
Chris got a bean stringer from his grandad, he tried to throw it away but I figured it may come in handy ;)
All in all very nice.
The next day I went to London on the train and met up with the Welch to go and stalk Idina Menzel.... we did a poor job!
We got there about half 4, after eating some macdonalds food (the old veggie burger is back! Did you know?! I've not been to macdonalds for years!), waiting for the matinee to kick out so we could get some signatures and be on our merry way.
So we waited.
And waited....

And waited some more....

Then we were told by Miriam Margolyes that Idina was not coming out. By this time it was 6pm and there was us and a group of northern drama kids who were singing Seasons of Love rather loudly... so I decided we should distance ourselves from them... ;)
SO we decided to get tickets from a tout outside to go and watch the show that night! So on second viewing of Wicked, it is exactly that - WICKED! Wonderful to see the show from a distance (which is usually the death of it for me) .

We decided once again that we would go and stand outside and wait for the cast to come out. This time though there was a MASSIVE crowd, we were kind of stood second row back I suppose you could say.
I decided that I would only try and get some pictures... seeing as there really wasn't any room... and pictures I got...

Here we see Lady who played Glinda, Mirriam, Adam Garcia and the lovely lovely lovely Idina Menzel, who even though she was really ill, signed a load of pix

So that was cool anyway.
Then we headed back to Welch's and I slept.

Next day I headed over (headed means TOOK TWO AND A HALF HOURS) to Chesham to meet dad to drive back to Manchester. It was a nice drive, we chatted a lot, and it went fairly quickly.
That evening life changed a little. Chris and I parted ways. I say parted, we are still living together, just not as a couple. It's rather complicated and private so that's all I'm writing on here. We're both OK, a bit poo, as can be expected, but OK. We are looking after each other.
As is Binx.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas blogging will take a while... so I may do it tomorrow... I have pictures and the like too :D

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Today was lovely... got up early and helped John put some footage onto DVD for his sister's Xmas pressie... then John decided he would accompany me to Skipton to visit Mister Hair.
So off we toddled and had a nice wander round Skipton. I bought cheese and some ginger biscuits and wore ben's dad's hat to keep my little head warm ;)
It got late rather early, so we popped into a pub for a drink (just a half of tap water for me ;) ) then headed back..
Pretty much only had enough time to say hi to the lamb then out I headed again to Blackrod to hang out with the lovely Rach's and Char, Keya also came along which was great. We watched dvd's of stuff we've done in the past and chatted... we also played with the wonderful device that Welch got me for Xmas.... which I would like to add NO ONE COULD WIN ON!....

... all of a sudden it was nearly 11pm! I forgot that I had to get back and feed Kitty (as the Tavner is away for a week) so I raced home to do that...
When i was there, Kitty wasn't that impressed cos I wouldn't let him out... while there I noticed a form that they had filled in that needed to be sent back to the council tax office... so as a good friend I stuck it in the post for him. Tavner will be so pleased that I've looked after his flat so well for him while he's been away :)

Anyway... we are trying to escape strange lady knocking on door so are going to go to bed.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Just thought I'd catch up before Xmas is upon me, and everything goes a bit mental..
last couple of days have been just getting stuff done - like putting the music on the last silent film i did (which was shown at the theatre the other day... went down well... had an incident within 20 minutes of being there that reminded me EXACTLY why I don't do anything there anymore - they are killing themselves).
I have also finished the Nativity Sketch... which is below...
And have burned that off a few times too for peoples pressies ;)
Off to Skipton tomorrow to see ben before Xmas, which should be nice.
Sunday will be spent chillin and handing out pressies that need to be handed out... then Monday is travelling time! ;)
Will check in I'm sure before then...

Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Xmas everyone :)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wowwee, I'm nearly on 800 posts people!
last couple of days have been rather whirlwind... partys here and there... ;)
Tuesday night was the XS Malarkey Christmas Party. I decided to go as a girl, and so did Ben.. (jk).

It was fun and all, but I had to leave early due to sore feet and stingy eyes from all the smoke... boooo... can't wait for that ban to come into effect!
Some highlights from the evening...
Cat and Chris dancing, John's version of Wild Thing, Seymour Mace singing White Lines, Dan Nightingale showing me numerous times that he can lick his own nipple, me and dug singing OUR song :)
I love the dug.
Even if he was off his head...
If you are interested in SEEING some of these exciting things (but minus the me and Dug song as Chris didn't know I had the video camera aparantly so didn't film it) then check out:

So in conclusion it was a nice night.... follwed by me falling asleep and being awoken by some noise from below! There's something not quite right about some of the people living in this building. Dug told me that the woman upstairs knocked on the door the other night and said she was going to kill herself... we've not heard from her since... maybe she did? And the family below seem to just spend all their time kicking the crap out of themselves and their kids... it may result in a call to 999 at some point...
I must admit I got some lovely compliments, I aparantly brush up quite nicely.

Yesterday was mostly shopping for random bits and bobs and I went for a curry with the lamb. Back to Moon, our fave curryhouse near the old flat... we also called in to see if we had any mail... we did... and also found all the furniture we left outside... hmmm...

Monday, December 18, 2006

drove to Chorley to get my car MOT'd.... turns out I have another year.... going back to pick it up now with tail between legs.... ;)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Well, friday night was lovely. But before we get to that.... we had a CSz workshop at an EBD school during the day. It went really well :D The kids responded to us again, the teachers seemed rather pleased, and they laughed at the show, etc.... in conclusion, yay.
From there i went straight to the old house to see my mum who arrived in the country yesterday. When my dad arrived we went out for a meal. It was a really nice atmosphere, we had a good laugh... dad only complained the once... ;)
Keya's pie was hard. So she got another one. Hmm.
While i was eating my delighful veggie pasta thing i got a call from the lamb who let me know that he had managed to get last minute tickets for to see Ben Keaton and Friends.... which doesn't sound like anything to most.... but it was actually BRILLIANT! Paul Merton, Richard Vranch, Ben Keaton, Andy Smart, Steve Steen and Stephen Frost! Some fabulous improv (if a little short), and bizarrely, when i sat down I turned to my right and who was sat there... but my friend Lee from uni! So we had a nice catch up session and talked about how weird it was to be randomly sat next to each other. I gave him my card and hopefully he'll keep in touch. It's not the first time that had happened to be honest... i've bumped into Lee a few times randomly since leaving Uni! How funny. Saw Ian and Estelle too which was pleasant.
Got to bed at about 2am, well the show didn't start til 11.30pm!
Saturday was fantastic! Brilliant workshop followed by a good fun comedysportz uk Xmas party!
What made my day was my lovely KT was there too... such good fun, I didn't do too badly with the bowling, although the lamb suffered. A few years ago his brother managed to dislocate his arm, it's never been the same since, so he struggled a bit with the bowling and gave up half way through.
After that we got a bit of food and headed to Laser Quest where we shot the crap out of some Emos! Hehe. Leigh was first, I was fourth, Chris was fifth, John was 10th (hehe)... etc... it was good fun. KT shot me the most... bitch.

All that wrapped up about 9pm, where we came back to the flat and I just sat still for a few hours! I've been mental busy for months... it was the first time I felt I could just SIT.

The flat is getting there, it's actually starting to feel liveable.
Binx is so happy here. Which is lovely to see.

Chris had people round today to watch wrestling poo so I headed over to Johns to watch some videos of stuff he filmed years ago, great fun! Glad it's not just me that does that shit! ;) I am putting some of it onto DVD for him ;)
We also shot some more for the trailer Dug and I are making ;) Good fun.
Don't want to spoil it so you'll have to wait til it's on YouTube for any more about it.
I bought a massive cheap cake today, which I'm going to eat some of right now...
See ya
I will try and get blogging and bit more regular again now that I'm a bit more settled.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Had fun watching some old videos last night. God I've been making sketches for so long! I forgot how much stuff me and keya used to do!
Check out the hair!
Anyhoo... had the first of my possible week of hell.. nto too bad. Should find out tomorrow if I got the job I went for today... if I get it I'll write more about it...
Going to dye my hair tonight... it's needed doing for yonks!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

well, we're getting all Xmassy here... the tree is up, the lights are on, the place is TIDY! No shit, we spent a few hours today just making it livable! We are watching Santa Claus vs the Martions (mst3k) Chris is all excited as I type.
He put a picture of Eddie Guerero (sp) on the wall tonight so he feel really at home now.
I am about to make a fruit salad.
And then tomorrow THE WEEK FROM HELL BEGINS!
Assessments, workshops, job interviews, students who don't like me... grrr... can't wait for the next semester, this has been a hard one.
After next week though XMAS BREAK FOR ME! can't wait!
Weds I have set aside for Xmas shopping, me and coops are bareing the crowds and fighting for shite...

Friday, December 08, 2006

I have a wet pussy...
SORRY! Couldn't resist that.
Just washed Binx... hopefully that may sort her skin problem out. She's not desperately impressed right now... but I think she actually found it soothing once she stopped trying to get away!

Last night was interesting. I did my fourth stand up gig... and techincally was heckled. Only in hindsight does it bother me, at the time I wasn't that arsed.... I just wanted to get on with it.

I didn't do the Evil Spirit Cushion new stuff though cos I just thought I'd reached my peak. Yeah so a group of 4 came and sat down just as i went on, gave me a minute then left, noisily, saying how shit it all was... but I just kept talking over them... so it wasn't all that bad... i was later told that was the right thing to do in that situation, so rock on me.

The night ended in a random karaoke session... just after Chris was made to do the competition! And he crashed and burned.... ahh well... I think he was a little thrown by it all.... but whatever... a bit of self indulgence is better than no indulgence at all!

OK... off to get some stuff done -on my day off... ahh well... ;)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Well, I am doing my fourth gig tonight. It is in Crewe. So that means I can record it :D... as we all know I like to do.
Things at work are rather stressful at the moment. I feel really tense. We have a CSz workshop in a school next week that may be hard work... having said that, the last time went great, so hopefully it will be the same... fingers crossed.
Binx is doing great MUM... apart from she keeps scratching and licking... have bought some shampoo for her and a new flea colar. If that doesn't help I will register her with a local vets I think and get it sorted out. I have done an intensive flea search to no avail.
Was at the Comedy Store last night filming Warby for his MySpace. Was a rather surreal night seeing as I knew most of the staff, and now the codes to the doors ;) Sat in the green room with Chris, Barry D and Stewart Francis.
To the right is a picture from the other evening which turned into a geek-a-thon ;) Dug and John read comics while I listenened to Weird Al ;) Fun was had though. I watched a film called Funny Bones, which was very good! Search it out.
Actually that picture looks more like John is trying to be the Hulk!
I also just realised I never posted any pictures from when my beautiful Katie came to visit last weekend!
She is so great, I really miss her. Will have to make a special trek to Chorley town to meet up with her again before Xmas!
Anyway... in Flat news... the toilet is bust. I had the delight of hearing Chris describe to the plumber how I SAT ON IT AND BROKE IT! Nice... like my arse could ever do so much damage... oh wait... there was the Kitchen door that time... oops.
Just another reason to start being healthier again.
They are coming back to fix it again... let's just say I enjoyed the Comedy Store last night for other reasons too!
Right I'm off, Dug and I are going to ASDA! Woohoooo

Monday, December 04, 2006

Not really got back into the habit of blogging since I moved in here...
I am tired, and my back and legs hurt... blah....
Apart from that things are picking up again. Flat is still in disarray, but it's getting there... slowly.
Work is winding down a bit for Xmas... although I have a few interviews for possible new year projects/workshops and the like next week... so that hopefully will all come to fruition.
We had a great CSz match last week - still with a tiny turn out, but still a great show. Chris Tavner and Sean Moran made their debuts. And the lovely John Cooper, Ben Schofield and Daisy Connolly all made their duodebuts? (their second matches).
Fun was had.... unlike tonight where the match has been cancelled by the venue. The left a message last Friday! Talk about leaving it to the last bloody minute... anyway...
To be honest I'm glad of the rest and non loss of money... So there we go. Going to spend tonight working on Xmas pressies ;) Most people are getting made ones this year as I have to save up! ;)
I bought a tiny tree for the flat... then I bought an even tinier one :D
The tiny one can be seen in the CSzUK Xmas piccy:


Chris made a delightful spinach thing for my dinner... so I am lovely and full. I spent the afternoon with John Xmas shopping... although neither of us bought anything for anyone else! We suck.

Anyway... off to do stuff... hope that has sufficiently caught you up :)

Friday, December 01, 2006

Cadbury's Snaps - not as big as you expect.

Yesterday got worse.... the venue for monday's csz show cancelled on us! annoying... and once we got all the stuff in (by 2am) we realised that we really do just have way too much stuff for this tiny flat.....grrrr
ben is currently asleep on the floor and i want to move things around him
my back went last night so moving things today isn't fun...
we have a csz match tonight at the uni... hope it goes well :D