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Friday, April 29, 2005


Tonight was a lot of fun... but not if I was the director... if I'd seen the cast getting away with all the stuff we were getting away with tonight I'd have gone ape shit!
But I had a ball...
THen I followed Zoe home in a stalker like fashion - muahahaa.
Not much else to say - have a busy day tomorrow so I'm going to beddy byes.
Oh I managed to get rid of nearly all the bindi!
ps - MEN SUCK!

Thursday, April 28, 2005


Tonight was a go through the motions show really... although had loads of fun backstage with Naomi and my video camera. My throat is really suffering from being around all the smelly smoke... and Iknow I could just be all antisocial and go home like I'd normally do but I like hanging out with everyone... which again, is rare for me... Miles and I are doing the awards for the show, should be fun. Awards like 'Best Bling' and 'Most stupid thing to buy if you had money to burn'... shoudl be fun. I think Cohen may help too.
I keep losing half sixpences! Actually, I'll rephrase that... I put them in my pockets then they disapear! I think what happens is the costume people turn my dresses upside down and they slip out... i only have one left! Which means I'll have to transfer it to different pockets rather than have loads spare to leave in costumes.
Anyhoo I'm going to bed. I left my phone at the theatre and am relying on my sister to knock me up, as it were, in the morning.
Oh and my eating is getting ridiculous now... I ate like 4 cheese sandwiches today!! deary me!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Tonight was fun. I got lots of hugs and presents and the show went well. I realyl enjoyed the second half for the first time, I felt less nervous... things that could go wrong didnt' bother me as much... it was great cos my nana and auntie were in the audience, as were Ste and his mum... loads of fun...
I really love being in a show! I think I've missed performing... CSz is performing but it's a whole different thing (well, it depends on the night as to how much Ihave to improvise!)
We also got a great review for my last play dropped into the theatre too! AND I asked someone to the cinema AND they said (and I quote... cos it was in a text) 'Yeah that be good.' bless. So, I feel good right now.. i think... at work tomorrow so going to bed now...

Bindi update... managed to hide a bit more

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Tonights show went 10 times better than Saturday. I felt more into it, and even managed a few tears. However my leading man decided to make pretty much all of our scenes up from scratch! So in the last kiss at the end I bit his lip to get him back MUAHAHAA
Oh and THE DRESS ZIPPED UP! We finally got to do our spins!
I bought a moustache for Keith to wear in the show, he tried it, it looked good, but it kept slipping and he dispensed with it by the next scene... I think we're either a) trying spirit gum tomorrow or b) changing the script
K's friends also seemed to enjoy the show... nice to hear what outsiders think...
Oh and in other news, Welch made me buy a skirt today! Which I now love... which is GOOD seeing as I spent like £20 on it! Unheard of!

Tomorrow is my birthday... I feel old :(


Monday, April 25, 2005

in the words of my good friend Justin Gruchow 'Birthday Pardee!'

Yes tonight was my little bday shindig... we went bowling and zapping, there where a whopping 17 of us which was excellant...
Bowling was fun, I beat Miles' ass twice, second time was closer... then my team won in the zap zone (I came second overall with Steph following at third... somehow Darryl managed to come top...)
Am going to meet the Welch tomorrow for a jaunt into Manchester, so I need sleepy time.

Mike and Bron take on the dance machine!


Sunday, April 24, 2005


Tonight was sloooooooooooooooow
My wedding dress split AGAIN so more impromptu kissing was had... seriously... I didnt' sabotage it or anything, honest! ;)
More fun was had after the show as Welchie was visiting and then Tom, Miles, Naomi, Rachel and I all decided to hit the indian afterwards, then I took everyone home cos I'm a nice friend, although I kidnapped Miles and Na as they only lived down the road and made them come to Adlington and Eccleston with me... hehe.... was a really fun night! More fun to be had tomorrow at my birthday party!

Miles and Bron fear the camera in the Indian Resturant

Pretty Bron and Welchie

Saturday, April 23, 2005


OK every night after the show I'm gonna try and do a report on how it went...
Tonight, it went OK... except I dropped the half sixpence in the first scene I was in.... and coudlnt' find it again... got the spare, and managed to drop THAT one too in a different scene... to top it ALL off I also managed to run down the stairs at the side of the stage and fall flat on my face, much to the audiences amusement.. The biggest part of that was climbing back up and looking upset. I was really scared the audience would think that I really WAS crying cos I'd hurt myself so I decided to tone it down a bit. Aparantly the director saw me rubbing my leg as I sat there on the step after the fall.. I thought I'd covered it up pretty well. Jeez, only in the life of Bron!
Oh... and all the rest of the cast got to see my nude back while we did 'Flash Bang Whallop!' as my dress came undone, that improv training came in handy as I was supposed to spin around a LOT in that scene... instead I just grabbed my leading man and snogged him, it was relelvant at the time, dont worry...
So, a fairly good opening night - a few people said 'very good, for an opening night'... not quite sure how to take that. PLus someone who I'd not seen for a while, from another drama company, said they didnt' recognise me cos I'd lost so much weight! I thought it was more likely the long brown wig that may have done it! But whatever.

Bron Sings...

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Last dress was tonight... it's still shaky but we'll get there...

Bron doesn't know how to smoke...

Keith turns into Lee Evans and Bron's microphone/bindi decides to take over the show...

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Been a little while since I posted... Bron's Love Life (or indeed, lack of it...) took over a bit...
Feel a bit crappy right now to be honest...
Last week I felt like everyone loved me... tonight I just feel alone again. I mean, in the main scheme of things I'm not miserable or anything, I mean not like I did last year, my career (yes, I think I can call it that now officially!!) is going fab and I'm loving it - so bottom line is that I'm rather happy really... I suppose now I just want someone to share it with again.
I refer back to something I wrote late last year about how blokes do seem to be after one thing (and by the way, they are NOT getting it...)... how have I been so lucky these many moons to find men who HAVEN'T been like that.. it's like my desperation for attention and 'love me love me' has been on such a big display since I had my mini 'breakdown' thing last year... I dunno.

it's just the fact that I felt so good about myself... and now I'm just feeling crap again.


At least I'm skinny! lol!!!!
Actually it's been really hard to eat!! It keeps making me sick. Not physically, but enough so I dont want to eat again for a good while. And now my throat hurts again so I'm worried about that for the show :(

Anyway... again...
off to bed
All day rehearsal tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Just had my second tooth taken out... and it HURT! I dont care what the dentist say IT HURT... i think the nurse's hand needs medical care... anyway.. it's done and it's ALL DONE!
A nice surprise... all the rest of my teeth are FINE! In fact he said I didn't even need a polish or anything... so I AM OFFICIALLY FIXED!
Here are some pix from the show so you know what I'm talking about...

Miles learning his lines

Keith posing for Barry's amusement

Miles and I... Miles was a tad tipsy so I said 'lets see who can look the most drunk on this pic'... i, the teetotaller, win I think

Part of a scene in Half A Sixpence

Our lovely dancers, minus one...

Fun fun fun... although last night was a tad disapointing...
It's a race to the finish


Monday, April 04, 2005

April... in a few weeks I'll be 26! deary me.. can you believe it? I can't... I was 23 when I started this blog! jeez.
My tooth wrecks... the one that's coming out tomorrow... so at least that's more motivation to get it done.
Scary though..
Have loads to do today.. but Idont have to do a tax return this year so I have more spare time!
I was supposed to be on a course today but as I can't go tomorrow I didnt' want to waste their time.. plus it was a bit scary - stand up! I just want to lie down with my poorly tooth :(
Reh yesterday was a bit of a shambles... but also good cos now we know what's going on a bit more.. and I got some lovely compliments, which of course I just blushed and looked at the floor... I've really got to work out a way to accept things like that... ugh.
Spent a lovely afternoon/evening with the lovely Miles... we may be going to Wales for a day next week, as he's a teacher and has time off. Should be fun...
It's such nice weather again today!