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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Selling stuff for Xmas...
Decided to try this Ebay thing out for a bit.
Want to get rid of some stuff, for those of you who know me well you will know I'm a complete hoarder, and it's hard to even through rubbish away... however I'm going to do a proper clean out, including clothes and all sorts... now, if only ebay would actually work for me!

while in the bath just now I remembered a chat I had last night with Ben. He suggests that all comedians/performers are adrenellin junkies. I begged to differ as when I perform I don't really get a huge high or anything. At least not when I'm doing comedy, I do more when I'm singing in a musical for some reason... anyhoo... just wondered what all you others thought. His main reason for saying this was that every he has asked, except me, about this love rollercoasters. I can't stand the things, big time... what do you think?

Happy Christmas! Heard my second Xmas song yesterday. I'm ridiculously organised this year, compared to pretty much every other year. Or maybe I am usually, I just don't realise it. Just putting together this years CSzUK Xmas Card (see pic) and going to get them mailed off shortly. My face is a mess cos of the cold, and stupid amounts of crap food I've been eating. New years resolution: Eat less crap, or at least avoid shit. Whatever. Wrapping presents today as well. Oh and I should ACTUALLY get paid tomorrow! I've been working at the Uni for nearly 3 months now WITHOUT PAY (managed to keep afloat with my business acct, paying myself a lot more than usual from it... means that's a bit depleted, grr... and my tax credits). So hopefully I can afford to get my windscreen fixed on Friday. The crack is growing! Possibly even as I type.
Excitement among excitement! I found some MST3K fans in the UK!! YAY! I have been given series 7 on DVD. Only downside is that it's Mike, and not Joel... booo... but it really suprised me to see that I'd actually seen every single one of them! Strange! Fun to watch too. I am contemplating having a MST get togeher :D yay.
Back to the wrapping and the card making now...

Monday, November 28, 2005

I HATE Chorley. I dont know what it is about it. Everytime I walk through the town centre I just feel more and more bitter. I feel like the place is trying to suck out my soul. I think a lot of it is to do with CSz and how we really could have done so much for Chorley, the first international team etc... but whatever.
Last night was a fun match, albeit frezing and poorly attended.
I'm done with Chorley.
Big time.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

comedysportz in a few hours, in a freeeeeezing hall! Not looking forward to that aspect of it at all!
Also it's our 4 year anniversary and I just had this sinking feeling that we'll have pretty much no audience! Or at least if we do they will be a frozen block of ice! I am taking a kettle, tea and coffee (and hot chocolate) to convince people to stick aorund for the second half!
Chris is playing for the first time, and Paul and Vicki for the first time in Months! So that should be interesting, oh and two of our players who were going out have just split up... interesting times ahead me thinks.
The lovely Manchester guys are coming on leaps and bounds, with some wonderful surprises included in that bunch! So I'm looking forward to getting them playing... now... we just need a decent venue....

Friday, November 25, 2005

well... I got to sheffield... via GOD KNOWS WHERE... arrived over an hour late! Dont know what went wrong. I think being in Glossop threw me for a while.
Too tired to really right now... except heard my first Xmas song today...
what is it about getting up so early that makes me so miserable!
I'm not joking,
I am doinga workshop today in Sheffield, and I just feel so low. Proper pit ofthe stomach blah feeling.
I really have to drag myself out of bed. When I get there it's fine, it's just actually GETTING there...
Anyway, 'm out of bed, I feel rotten, but off I go...
Spending the evening with Chris. Hopefully JUST with Chris too. NO other randoms I've said! We'll see.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

You Are 40% Weird

Normal enough to know that you're weird...
But too damn weird to do anything about it!
Gah people are really pissing me off right now.
People who think they're in some way better than me. I always used to just sit back and be one of those people who just let people think that. And part of me thought they must be right. But recently I just can't stand it anymore. Guess what, I know things! I work hard! I invent a lot of my work from scratch! I can do things! It's taken me years to get to where I am and I'm not about to let my insecurities (helped along by miserable so called friends) get the better of me. I KNOW THINGS TOO!
Anyway, reaffirmation rant over with.
Am currently at Chris's flat waiting for Ben to get here. Ooo all sounds a bit dodgy ;) Nah. He is moving in and everyone else is at work so I volunteered to be here to let him in. Have to be at a meeting this afternoon to try and work out some longterm CSz work at a local school. Really hope it comes off, would mean agreat deal to me and the business.
My goal in life right now is to make enough money, from getting enough work, to move out of Chorley. I've never really had a goal to aim for before. It's a weird feeling. Again I always just kind of saunter through.
I have a dentist appt tomorrow :( Realy not looking forward to it. Have a feeling tha they will want to give me a filling. Well, they can't do it then cos I have a workshop tomorrow evening that i need to be unpanicked and speakable for.
Oh, I would also like to point one more thing out - I am not a bad person. I do stupid things, and I react stupidly sometimes, but I'm not bad.
Even if Ben says I am for putting a picture of him on this blog of him in pigtails ;) mnuahaaa
Going to do some more knitting to kill time.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Ross Noble last night... fun night.. here is my review that will be going up on

Ross Noble - Randomist, Opera House, 19th November 2005

By Brainne Edge

‘What is he talking about?’… ‘I have no idea, and I was watching!’

This was my third ‘noble-ing’. Having seen Ross in Southport and Warrington in preceding years.
The first time I watched Mr Noble strut his stuff, I didn’t know much about him, and was kind of dragged along by a fan. It was seriously the most I have ever laughed in my life. I was on the front row and just mesmerised by his energy and quick wit. The second time I saw him, it was the same, although I didn’t laugh quite as much. This time, I was right there again, front row, all wrapped up warm (the Opera House was bloody freezing!), ready to laugh my little socks off, and he didn’t disappoint. However, there was a rather large sense of ‘I’ve seen this’, hanging over the show. I do a lot of improvisation myself, and as Ross is a largely improvisational comedian, have really started to pick up on the ‘format’. Which spoiled the show for me a bit, I could see when the next call back was coming etc.
Wanted to get all the negatives out of the way first, because having said all that, it was a great night! The evening began with a little video of the shows sponsor ‘Ted Danson’s Pizza Shack’, rather funny. Lots of local observations, including the outside urinals in Piccadilly (which exist apparently… never seen them myself), and a suggestion for what the women should do… a big sponge. Lovely. It’s hard to review Ross in the context of what was performed, as there is a great deal of it that’s just spurred off the crowd, like the bloke in the front row who ‘allegedly’ shags his sister, the random people at the back who thought it funny to shout ‘Manfred’ at one point, the girl in the front row who was so cold she was just holding her cup of tea for warmth (no, not I, but glad to see it wasn’t just me who was freezing there). At one point, when someone was sneaking back from the bathroom it was suggested that he tries to find out what Ross was on about. ‘What is he talking about?’… ‘I have no idea, and I was watching!’.
So, a fun night. Also a bit of a rude night, most rude I’ve seen him. Some useful sex tips in the set also. Watch out for them, carefully, as with Ross’s usual style, the set up to the punch line = approx 30 minutes, but with a hilarious scenic journey.
The tour continues.

Friday, November 18, 2005

RANDOM! While looking for some footage to put on our new Video CD came across this random stuff from a few years ago!:

Found the originial footage from the Buffy thing we did... we started that in 2002 I think! Then completed it this year! Other random pictures from the same day messing about at Heigh Hall.
well, the hosue is pretty toasty, and a whole lot tidier now... but my back is WRECKED! It's always the stupid things that throw my back out. Last time I lifted up about 4 leaflets out of the boot of my car, today it was my socks! So I'm not impressed with that.
I'm going to do the lawn now and hope my back doesn't get worse. It'll just seem like an excuse then :(
am all alone in the so have been doing some online Xmas shopping. Going to try and mow the lawn today also.
BUT FIRST i am going to tidy the pit that is my room/office!
Got a bit of work done today, so yay for that, more to come...
I do feel like I'm in an eppisode of Game On though...
I just made up a survey that you too can take, as you can see it reveals a lot about yourself... or is it just me... ?
Phone numbererm...
Address so I can stand peering into your housei dont think I will put that here
Underwear?i wear it
Enough of that,..... underwear?what?
oK ok, SORRY. Is it black?no!
Ahem. Right. Erm. Favourite band?Ben FOlds Five
Erm, favourite type of cheese?Lancahsire
Sorry, OK, I'm ashamed. Where do you want to be in 10 years?Happy and sucessful
Where did you go to school?Parklands
I went there too!! Did you have that smelly science teacher?YES!! How weird
Oh happy times. Did you ever snog me?No
Well you should have. Will you now?NO
No seriously. should be
Let's be friends.OK
Just write your address here....... tut


Thursday, November 17, 2005

What an interesting day.
Had a good meeting at the Frog and Bucket, but I need to address some things with my troupe.
Had a great workshop/rehearsal with my BA Characterisation students.
THen went to audition at YT. Was weird. But I have walked away heartily pissed off! The person who is supposed to now be responsible for the Youth Theatre is hardly ever there it seems and leaves it in the hand of two 17 year olds ! Dont' get me wrong, they are great, and know what they are doing, but they should NOT have that responsibility forced on them! I dont know what to do about it cos technically it's nothing to do with me anymore! But ARGH!
SO I'm a bit wound up about that.
But have seemed to make a Wicked Fan out of Keya! yay!
OK.. and just cos I can, here's another random picture:

Me and Chris shortly after we got together, 6 months ago tomorrow. Aw.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I've become a tad obsessed with Blogger tonight. And it's mostly cos I can put pictures on here! YAY!
It's been great to have a night to just sit and catch up with silly stuff like this really. Was going to head over to Chris's (as I'm in Manchester again tomorrow) but he's watching Wrestling so I'm not going to bother, certainly dont want to be ther while he's watching that. It makes me sick.
Trying to get my audio stuff sorted on here too... so back to that
Organic Growth.
Sounds lovely doesn't it? And it is. I keep getting phone calls out of the blue now for CSz bookings, it's great, we really are starting to get somewhere with this, I can feel it.
Work went OK last night, despite me being convinced it was going to be poop. Also this morning was pretty good too. And now this booking?
Things are looking up ... I may even smile.
Actually I may give myself some time off and do some knitting in front of the TV. It's nearly 4pm and I've not eaten anything yet so that should probably be my main priority.
Now I know I can put pictures on here so easily I want to do it MORE MORE MORE!!
Hmmm... Here is a random picture from the vaults, taken by me, for my ex boyfriend (Dieter's) project at the time. The whole point was that things that people did that were annoying were being marketed as Evil or something. I dunno, but it makes the Welch look all funnified
Good times

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

made some phone calls, washed some clothes. 4 hours til I have to go to work. More work to do... blah.
Really getting into Wicked now. It's buzzing around my head. Managed to find some TVsections online to see it, cos all I've heard is the music, and seen a few photos. I actually wept at one of the songs. THere's just something about musicals that gets my juices flowing, the creative ones at that, not just random tears. Have mapped out what I'm doing, so now I suppose I need to get back to some 'real' work...ahh well
Well.. I really should be working today -but I think cos I've had such a busy weekend I just can't get into it ... instead I'm just singing along to the backing tracks of Wicked and working out what I'm going to do for the Youth Theatre (I was so close to being out of there, as Chris put it... but whatever, it'll be fun).
Dad just came home and informed me that I have to mow the lawn! So, that's propelled me back to work...
I will probably do it tomorrow afternoon instead to be honest.
Got a lovely letter from my LA pen pal Myles, so I should knuckle down and finish writing him one now... I just find it hard to write with my hands, I'm so used to typing!
Gonna get on with some work now...

Monday, November 14, 2005

what a delightful time in London... only sad part was that ginger lamb was so ill he coudlnt' join me! Boo!
And then we had a silent row, which I wasn't even aware of til Ben texted me and told me! Ugh... distance.
So I met up with the lovely Matt Hartman, this is the guy I stayed with in DC a couple of summers ago now, he rescued me from a Tick Attack! We wandered round London while he tried to keep his students under control (he was there with 10 kids!! rather him than me!).
Then I spent he rest of the weekend with the Welch, and met up wtih Dug (who I had driven down) on the Sunday night to go and see The Comedy Store players... (this is a picture of Dug and his little Brother Richard - who i thought looked like George Michael) it's great going out with someone who has 'contacts' we got in half price, all three of us... result. Was a good show, Jim Sweeney was on total top form, as was Josie Lawrence, some great panto songs! Dug and Rich enjoye dit too, I feel I conerted more people to the love of Improv. I also had a scrummy Veggie burger. Which was the first full meal I'd had all weekend, I'd moslty been snakcing... although Welch and Cheesemonger made me a lovely cheese on toast and spaghetti hoops!
Then after the show we all walked through london and made random videos of the city while singing, was lots of fun. Here is Dug being bummed by Big Ben (not schofield) and me looking nervous. I was worried a tramp may steal my phone.
Sang most of the way home with Dug and made it to Manc in under 3 hours!! NICE! I wasn't speeding TOO much.

On a random topic- one of my students thought I was 22 today! lol

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Jer challenged me to think about my quirks, and then to list them. This isn't as easy as it sounds. I'll have a bash.

1. I sing, all the time, but only if I feel comfortable around the people I'm with. You know if I feel safe if I'm singing a song. I also always sing in the car, and dont care who stares at me!

2. I paint my nails at least twice a week (used to be nearly every day), and have done since I was 18. It was originally a way to stop chewing them, and it worked. Although my nails are rather frail and weak.

3. I take photos of everything. I love to document my life, I will forget it otherwise. My room, and most of the house, is covered in photos. AS is this blog!

4. I dye my hair every other month or so. I am lucky cos my hair is rather robust and hasn't all fallen out just yet, which is surprising considering the amount of bleach that's been applied over the years. Funny seeing as when I was 16 I vowed never ever to dye my hair!

5. I make my own clothes, either through knitting or customising.

6. I hate filling in forms. I was nearly taken to court once because I wouldn't fill one in.

7. I am a sucker for someone who likes me.

8. I can't be around smoke too much as it makes my throat hurt. Ok I'm scarping the bottom of the barrel now... anyone got any more of my quirks to comment on?

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Thought a change was in order... what do you think? Only downside is I've messed up the comments :(
Hopefully it'll all work out ok...

Trying out this new way of adding pictures....
Well I should catch you up a tad.
Fireworks party was a blast! We even had a little bonfire, which was actually Sean's Mirror Costume from Storyland Mumbles:

Sean then (age 10)

And NOW (age 17!!)


Other random pics from the night:

So, yeah, that evening turned into the last three days ! Seriously... I've hardly slept!
Been hanging out with nocturnal comedian Ben Schofield til the early hours the last few nights. Been great fun finding a new friend. I love finding new friends. I have lots of friends, but not that many really close friends, and I think he could be one of those. *sigh*... plus he lets me play with his hair so ... yay

He liked this look a bit too much.

So.. apart from that i've been working in a zombified state! I am going to London for the weekend to meet the lovely Matt Hartman from DC. He is over with his work ( a load of teenagers in tow - he's a teacher), so I'm heading down to meet up with him and to visit the Welch and get Xmas shopping done tooo I hope... if not then more scarves are coming your ways! ;)


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

right seems to be working again now... and I've forgotten everything I wanted to blog about :( boooooo

but here's something I was trying to put on:

(from marta's LJ )
Name 5 of life's simple pleasures that you like most, then pick 5 people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used. Tag 5 people on your list.

Thanks to povos I can share my simplicity with you.

1) a cuddle ona cold morning
2) creating something, from finishing a play to knitting
3) making people laugh
4) playing with someone's hair
5) painting my nails

I tag Jer, Evan, Jill, Rach and Mum
working yet?

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Friday, November 04, 2005

But not really... having a fireworks party on sunday so I need to tidy the house... but at least I can make the house warm, and fill it with music (two things I can't do when keya's here!)
Cominghome last night from being on (remember november episode, in the archive...although it's not actually there yet) I skidded on the motorway and nearly smashed into the back of someone. TO make sure I didn't I swerved to the right and instead hit the barrier at the side... I thought it was much worse than it actually was though and it looks like I've hardly touched my car, so that's a relief.
Still loving Broadband, I can get my work done quicker too! (yes, I DO work online as well and chat ;))
Of course I was going to have a lie in this morning, so I woke up at 9am!
I've been sleeping realyl stupidly recently. The other morning I woke up at 3am CONVINCED it was 7am, so I got up and started getting ready to go... then realised it was still very dark.. And I'd only gone to bed at 1am!
Anyhoo... going to get dressed and get tidying

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I realyl should be in bed but I'm feeling rather down and stressy. I have a workshop tomorrow then constant marking tomororw night til I give feedback Thursday Day time, a lesson I've not prepared for yet on Thursday afternoon, an online tv interview (complete with example) thursday evening... dont' get me wrong, I love everything I'm doing... it's just when I look forward like that and see never ending work with no breaks I just get freaked out and sad.
Plus Chris had a pooey gig tonight so that made me feel worse.
Plus I just lost a great friend this week. All my own doing, and it needed to be done (I've not killed him!), Things were far too complicated and neither of us were getting on with our lives without being hurt all the time, so it's for the best. Maybe one day we can talk again, right now I can't.
And my lips hurt.
And I dont' feel pretty.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

ugh the workshop i did tonight was hard work! I really can't get across to that group the importance of TEAMWORK! I actually flipped out at them tonight. Which I hate doing but sometimes it's the only way... which is a shame.
We will see next week
Last night I spent the evening reviewing 'Funny Women On Tour' which was rahter good.. this was after rushing from work. So i was knakkered.
THen Chris and I hit the comedy festival end of festival partaaay at The Comedy Store. Twas a fun night but very tiring... now I have to work as I am doing a workshop at my old high school tomorrow!! EEP!

my new friend Ben Schofield, a funny funny man