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Sunday, December 28, 2003

Well Xmas came and went - a lot nicer than last year (which was spent writing an essay!).
I now have a lovely new bed that I am currently sitting under - oh yes, it's a loft bed, a double one too! Rather snazzy, I am also in the process of redecoratinbg my room - which is great, it's not changed at all since I moved back here in 1997!
Well we didnt' win Richard and Judy, still reeling... well not really, we got the 250 pounds consolation prize anyway, plus all of my video was shown so all is good.
Watched the final 'The Office; tonight - i wasn't impressed with the first one last night, but tonights made me cry like a baby... I was SOOOO happy when Dawn and Tim got together - I almost wish it were a real documentary cos they's be SO happy... *sigh*
Anyway... now to bed

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Where have the talk backs gone again :( I need my titles... well I've written a couple more poems.. so check them out.
Went to watch Eddie Izzard last night, as anticipated it was a bit of a let down, but he looked gorgeous! Oh no, wrong tour... Sexie


Saturday, December 13, 2003

Hi guys... just a not to let you know - so that my creative streak does not disapear I have decided to go back to poetry writing.. I am aiming to write a poem a day ... what I want from you are the titles.... here is one I wrote today, my friend Ken gve me the title - took me two minutes...

Ode to the Unappreciated Gesture

Look at me
Standing here
Grinning from
Ear to ear
I've made the effort
I've made you see
Look in my hands,
I made the tea
You stare at me
Like I'm a fool
My only use
is as your tool
well you just stay there
on your thrown
but next time you can make your own

Check out my other poems on go down to the bottom and type in B Edge and you'll see all my poems - yay


Wednesday, December 10, 2003

hey, just realised I missed off a shed load off the last post! Firstly... CYT WON at Freckleton Music Festival in the Scenes from a Show class! Excellant.... Secondly CSzCUK WON in Lancaster against TWO other teams.... and Thirdly... i hit someone's car afterwards.... DOH!
The damage aint too bad and I can't be bothered going into it, needless to say is was indeed my fault, and I know the guy I hit so it's slowly getting sorted.
We will know a week on Friday if we've won on Richard and Judy! How exciting ;)
SOTD haven't called back again so I'm guessing they dont' need me now, ahh well, not heard back from any jobs...
I am spending today tidying my room, it's sooo nearly done!
bron thought for the day: Like boxes of shit in your house? Get a cat (brought to you by The Onion newspaper)

Saturday, December 06, 2003

Been a few days since I last posted.. the reason being I've been on a bit of a rollercoaster ride of emotions and time...
Firstly, last week I was informed that my dissertation actually did NOT pass and I have to redo it... here's the worst thing - it failed by ONE MARK! You think they'd have sneaked a mark just to get rid of me woudln't you! So I have to get cracking on that again soon - I just have to build myself up for it - I can't believe that the last year may have been a total waste of time. This puts me under so much pressure cos if I fail it again then I fail fail and can't resit! I just want it to all be over with!
Well a couple of days after that, after not really movin from out of the chair, I got cracking with mine, keya's and paul's music video entry for the Richard and Judy Competition! We finished it on Saturday last week, edited it on Sunday (well, me and my friend Ken edited - keya did a funky animation for it too which looked ace) and then I sent it on Monday. They called my on Wednesday and showed it that night!! We were so excited! Something that we knocked together in less than a week was then on TV! It was mental! That SAME DAY I got a call from Shaun of the Dead who want me to go back for re-shoots, not sure if I can just yet but I really hope I can, cos this time I get paid!!
WE have a ComedySportz tomorrow which I'm looking forward to, had to really fight hard for that date! So it better go OK... I am on the BBC website with it! How cool!
Tonight I mostly spent knitting... I'm running out of things to knit. While knitting I found a video to watch. Big mistake - it was my Engagement Party video! For those of you not in the know - my engagement broke up 2 years ago because I am a prat, and still am. So that was odd to watch after all this time. Feeling rather miserable again as usual... it was weird the other day when we watched OUR video on TV... I felt SO happy, I coudln't get over it... then I hated it cos afterwards i wanted to stay that happy, but I coudln't stay there... I watched it again and again, but it was more and more meaningless everytime I watched it - I've exhausted it now and have to find my next high somewhere else.
Anyway - I'm off to bed now - early start
bron thought for the day: if someone says 'Never' you should say 'Woof'