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Thursday, January 31, 2008

ps.... check out the hair:

gah I'm so busy!
Had a 12 hour day today... you know, it's not that bad really, cos I enjoy it loads... but still, I am looking forward to a bit of downtime...maybe Sunday..
Welch is visiting on sat which will be nice :D
John on his way back from a gig, aparantly it's about to start snowing, so I hope he's oK :(

Friday, January 25, 2008

Wow... the last few days have been a bit mad...

Went to a school on wednesday - it was a great workshop. Good to see John and Ben up and at them again, and Sean making his workshop debut.
On the way there my car was wobbling - it had been doing it for a week or so so I figured I'd leave it til I got it to its MOT on Thursday...
Thursday morning I got up early (not as early as the 5.30am I did the day before!) and drove to the doctors in Withnell to get my back looked at again - I am still waiting for a spine specialist of some description to get in touch with me. Then I headed over to drop my car off for its MOT.
I was told it was going to take a little longer than i expected so i decided to get the bus into Chorley (£4.65!!)... met up with lil sis and had a nice day with her, i bought a stupid amount of hair dye, and keya bought some glasses at Specsavers!...
Longer day with Keya than I expected really - cos my 3 year old car FAILED its first ever MOT!
Aparantly that wobbling... well... it was the tyres about to blow up! The tread had got so thin they were cracking and breaking apart...
So I was stranded.
Keya dropped me at my 6.30pm work apt in Chorley, and then I got the train home (which was cheaper than going from Mawdsley to Chorley!)..

Today I had to get up at 8am to get John to work so I could take his car to my Dentist appt! God I hate the dentist..... if you want to know how much click here ... he said I need two fillings... I need to get them book is SOON or else I'll chicken out.

Then I had a meeting at the Uni, then had to go and pick John up from work so we could drive back and get MY car... On the way back I went and picked up the amp from my old house and dropped it at Chris's in Salford and went to watch Sean in a play...

I am now home

I am tired....

Tomorrow I have 5 hours of workshops and a show

Sunday I have a premiere

Monday I start getting busier

ah my life... ;)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

me and john just had a dominos pizza... and I don't feel guilty...

we are still eating our salads, I'm feeling a bit more energised... and once a week we have a treat - our treat was pizza tonight - so nothing else like that til next monday, and I am fine with that :D
I LOVE SALAD! Never thought I'd ever say that!

School tomorrow - have to be up at 5.30am!



The Sony Ericsson W910 is the WORST phone I have had.

Apart from the back that keeps falling off, the fiddly keys, the fact you have to hold it in a very certain spot to hear anything in your ear and the amount of times it wont dial out even though it has a strong signal... the photos are cak and there is NO light on it! oH.. and did I mention the completely crap auto feature of converting texts to MMS when you've not asked?
If you try to send the same text to more than 4 people it converts it to MMS.. some people still can't read MMS... well done Sony Ericsson you big pile of shit.

DO NOT BUY one of these! I am seriously thinking of going bak to my old phone...

Friday, January 18, 2008

As we sat eating our salad last night, we looked at each other and said 'life is good'. He admitted he was starting to settle down.
Tonight he is gigging and I miss him.
Amazing how after only a year someone can become to important.
He has made me happy, a better person, more confident... and he doesn't even have to try.

Next week I am going to the doctors about my back, and the dentist about my teeth... next week will be a hard week. But I know I'll come home to him and I'll be fine.

Before my brain goes... I am going to write up my blogs for my two weeks in America......

Sunday, January 13, 2008

OMG this makes me wee... the whole match was excellant... this game just makes me weeeeeeeeeeeeee

I'm excited again.
I've not felt so excited about CSz since the end of 2003 when we got our new shirts!
Everything is just going so well... I don't want to jinx it.. but we appear to be the new up and coming thing in Manchester... if only more people knew ;)
Last nights show was fantastic!! We had close to the number that we had in for our Festival show there. There was a Stag party of about 20 lads, I was reffing.. and I will admit, I was scared. I've never reffed when there's been a group like that in... but it went great! We got the Stag up on stage to join in, the lads loved us! It was an amazing feeling cos it's something I have always been terrified of. It just goes to show again how foolproof this format is! I love Dick Chudnow and all the 'founding fathers' of CSz... the format is what makes this form of Improv work so well! MWAH!

Julian came and took some pictures again, so hopefully he will send me over some this afternoon :D Then I'll whack them on this blog and the CSz new blog...

check that out too: idea nicked from Milwaukee ;)

There were a couple of bum technical problems, due to our crappy laptop (but we have a new one now!) but overall the show was just as good as the last one! And SOOO much fun!

Before all that we had our first lot of workshops, and then the new and improved Second Group! After the show we also went and did ANOTHER show at the Dancehouse in Manchester. Just a 20 minute slot as part of a whole thing. The room was rammed by the time we finished :D It was well good- Chris reffed so I played... buzzin!



Tuesday, January 08, 2008

for those of you who already know about my obsession this wont come as a shock...
but I LOVE NEIGHBOURS! It's the best thing ever... the only show I would move things around so I could watch it! I catch up on the website, I read forums, I look at pictures, I watch clips, I own annuals and DVDs.... lol
I read this today:

2008 will also see Neighbours change broadcasters in the UK. The big switchover
to Five will happen in early February and the channel are already preparing a
whole host of extra goodies to entice viewers including exclusive interviews and
behind-the-scenes footage.

It's going to feel really weird watching it on Channel 5! I really hope it doesn't spoil it with a commercial break... :(

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Had a fantastic time in Dallas!
I will write more about it next week when I'm home... right now I have a horrible cold (as per for this time of year) including coughing up solid lumps of green stuff, which is a first for me. I mean SOLID people! Weird.
I have lots of fun pix from Dallas too, and my hair has changed colour... but I will upload those when I'm back home and on a broadband connection again.
I am ready to go home now, lots of things I need to do, and I miss John :(
Plus I'm spending far too much money.
Welch - I got you another little gem for your house ;)
As I'm flying back tomorrow I like to be as tired as possible soI can sleep on the plane... I met Justin at Lake Mills and we headed to ComedySportz for the evening.. Met up with Michele again which was nice and watched a couple of shows.
I really want to get Justin involved with CSz I think he would love it.
Next time I'm over I have to make sure I have some proper Michele time, not just snatched moments, was great to see her, would have been nice to escape the arena and chat about girly things... lol
Michele knew Justin already from the Madison ComedySportz workshops, see how small the world is!!

Friday, January 04, 2008


Thursday, January 03, 2008

Trolley Cars!!
Dallas has a load of free Trolley Cars that go through the city... so we hopped on and off a couple of those.
We went down/up town (never sure which it is) and watched 'Juno', which I really enjoyed!! I would suggest it to anyone.. especially if you're an Arrested Development fan ;)
Jill took me to another veggie resturant... this time a Greek one.
Now, we should have realised what this place was going to be like when we arrived. Firstly, we were the only customers. Secondly as soon as we arrived BOTH members of staff pounced on us. Thirdly they still had their Xmas stuff out all over the tables.
So, we ordered, after many glasses of water (some of which had ended up on the table thanks to the waiter... more about him later) and no mention of anything other than water or wine. I was told that I should order the Mousaka - about three times, while trying to order what I actually wanted. I tried to explain I don't like eggplant and zuchini (aubergine and courgettes) but she still thought I should have it... i decline again and she took my order... as well as some humous that I wasn't expecting to order...but ther you go.
We sat there having and nice chat and the homous arrived, it was very nice... then my soup arrived... that was very nice too... then my main course arrived... mmmm... but this time I was full and Jill was yet to eat!
Eventually the hippie waiter (who I'm sure was having his first day there) brought Jills food wrapped in tin foil! Now, maybe this was part of the dish - but to me it looked like he was supposed to have maybe taken that off before he brought the food over. By this time there were more people in the place, most of whom were complaining about their lack of food or bills...
Eventually Jill finished her food, we were asked to sign the guestbook (?), Jill used the broken toilet, and we left.
One trolley car later and we were back to the car, and back to the house for snoozes.
We had our curry tonight, but unfortunately Jenn couldnt' get there :(
Von, his wife and child and Tim turned up.
We were telling Tim about the waiter and I mentioned how it must have been his first day. Tim said he'd been there before... and it wasn't.
Lovely day... have to be up at 5am tomorrow! Back to the snow... but also back to my mum and the Country Buffet :D

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Spent the day with Jill. I took five showers!!
Yes, she made me feel so disgusted with myself.... noooooo not really. The big hair change over occurred today. Started by getting rid of the colour that was on over the top of my natural colour. That stuff STANK! Oh wait, before all this, we went to CVS and bought the stuff and Jill pretended she was from New York and I pretended i was from England... oh wait, that's true.
SO anyway, this stuff STANK... but it got all the colour out so my hair looked all blondeish...
Next we bleached it a bit so it went even blonder! I've not been blonde for a year and a half... oh, since the LAST time Jill played with it ;)
So after that was the Pink and Purple stage... it soon became apparant that we would have to go out and get more as only the top part of my head was covered...
This led to an embarrassing jaunt across town to get hair dye with only half a head of hair complete... lol
Quite funny really.
So by the end of the day i was pink.

We were supposed to go and have a curry with Jenn and Von tonight but Jenn wasn't very well so we postponed it to tomorrow. Which is great cos I'm getting a bad cold :( I hate colds, they always go to my chest and ears...
We watched 'House', the Chris Tallman episode. I've never seen House and I quite enjoyed it! I will have to watch more.
Today we also went to a vegetarian resturant called Cosmic Cafe, it was basically a house come resturant! It was great! I even ate beans, people! Lovely food, and everything on the mebu I could eat! There's only one veggie place I go to in the UK, and I always get excited that I can eat ANYTHING on the menu...
Jill nearly died on the road outside. I forgot you're not supposed to just cross the road willy nilly over here... and just headed out... though Jill was right behind me... DOH!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Took John to the airport. I already miss him. It's amazing how in one year someone can become so very important, I can't imagine life without him, and I can't wait to see what 2008 will bring us.

I am feeling especially mushy as I spent most of tonight going through old photos with mum and dad.

Found some pictures I remembered, (photos are how I remember parts of my life.... this is why I love photos so much) some that I don't ever remember seeing! Which is both exciting and a little worrying.

AM thinking about my new years resolutions....
When I get back to the UK I am going to sit down and go through last years and see what I need to do this year!
Main thing - LOSE WEIGHT!
i get to see Jill tomorrow!! i get to see Jill tomorrow!! i get to see Jill tomorrow!! i get to see Jill tomorrow!! i get to see Jill tomorrow!! i get to see Jill tomorrow!! i get to see Jill tomorrow!!

I am giddy!