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Sunday, August 31, 2003

Saturday: Tenth and last day of Shoot
Scenes to Shoot: 28, 28b, 29, 31
Location: Chorley Little Theatre

Last day of shoot. Well I got a few extra's about 30, so I manged to fill the aud sufficiently enough to make it look fuller than it actually was. I even got a cameo as the sound technician... which I didn't really want, but I'd used everyone else! Grrr.
I didn't cover the final scene as much as I wanted to, which upsets me as it's one of the most crucial in the film, but I will have to play with it in post.
The miming looked good, I was surprised, buton playback you coudl really believe that was Rachael singing! Impressive.
The Cowboy dance was good with Char showing us the world (her words... actually she just about didn't show us the world, she was too careful).
Back to the extra's. Only one turned up cos of the advert in the paper which was a shame, but hey! One is better than none! PLus he was good and sat with my auntie Gael and kept her company.
Of course I'd over stressed myself for something that I really didn't need to be stressed about. I only annoyed a couple of extra's who'd sneaked out then had to be sent back cos I'd forgotten a shot :( But they were soon on their way again.
The lighting wasn't that much of a problem, Ben was late so I set up the first shot in 20 minutes, and it looked grrrreat!
KT was amazing as she was there all day just switching lights on and off. Steven came in, did his thing, was a one take wonder as usual, and left. Phil got in a strop cos he came straight from work and wasn't used for 2 hours. But then we had to rush his close up as KT had to go to work.
After the shoot we all ate pizza and watched the footage that I had been dreading - and I know now why - I had taped over the bloody end of at least two takes! I'm so mad with myself!! I can survive though. We did so many takes, most of the last few were 'for luck' anyway.
Off on my long journey back to Surrey now

Friday, August 29, 2003

Friday: Nineth Day of Shoot
Scenes to Shoot: 3, 20, 30, 29a, 28a, 27(?)
Location: Chorley Little Theatre

Theatre shoot... today was an extra day in the schedule. We were supposed to have it off (ahem), but John Griffin couldn't make the times set aside for his scenes so we had to do them today. PLUS all the exterior shots that we couldn't do cos of rain. Luckily the rain held off and only popped out right as we had completed take 9 (yes 9!!) of the last exterior.
Then off to the theatre to shoot the dressingroom scene, and the backstage scenes. They went fairly smoothly, only everyone's tired and a bit bored of the whole process I think. So we were dragging a bit. I went to pick up the cripled School Teacher who got into his tux for one shot, and then left. The backstage stuff looked nice, a bit too light, but I was getting tetchy and going a bit mental so I just whacked a light up and hoped for the best. The acting seemed better today - I slowed down to try and make sure it was ok.
Tomorrow is scaring me.. mostly cos I don't want to stress people out, especially as I may not know them that well ... :-/

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Thursday: Eighth Day of Shoot
Scenes to shoot: 11, 13, 15, 8
Location: Chorley Little Theatre

This was all the talk to camera stuff, the rehearsals. Had a bit of fun with the extra's, Darryl got to run round like a maniac of course. The light was quite nice, and some rather good pan shots. Rachael looked nice in my black shirt too... if only I looked as good *sigh*.
We also had to replicate a shot we did at St Micks, which I think we just about pulled off.
Have to do teh exteriors tomorrow... no doubt it will pee down!
Wednesday..... Seventh Day of Shoot
Scenes to shoot - 1
Location: Chorley Little Theatre

The shoot today was fun, only a few hours. This was the first scene at the theatre. We had 6 dancers and Rachael on stage. The lights took a bit of tweaking, but luckily there had been some coloured gels fitted in the Arris that were already up, so I just used those and a follow spot. Did lots of tracking shots and called it a day. Dance looked good. Foolishly forgot to do any cutaways of the dancers so it will be harder to edit. Ahh wel

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Tuesday - Sixth day of Shoot
Scenes to shoot - 22, 24, 26, 18, 10, 27a
Location: Rachael's House, Theatre Exterior

Day started slowly again - combination of being in a familiar location and being knakkered. Had a stressful night having to re-organise the last 4 days! Scary. At least we only have one scene to shoot tomorrow and it's in the afternoon... LIE IN! YES!
But not for long... anyway... back to today...
Mostof the shots in the bedroom were mediocre - mostly due to lack of time and lights... the last shot was gorgeous, and well performed... made my day.
Which was good as the last shot outside had a bit dodgy sound... but atleast we got to chat to Dave Spikey who had a nosey. I was panicking - we did 8 takes outside! EEK! So at least I have some sound to play with.
Tired now....

Monday, August 25, 2003

Monday - Fifth Day of Shoot
Scenes to shoot: 5, 12, 14, 23
Location: Duke Street Primary School

Day started slowly , starting off with stepping in a pile of dog poo, yay. Anyway, no one was there for ages so I had to lug most of the equipment in on my own (beth had to make sure no one ran off with anything). The first shot took a small amount of time which was good. And then onto the large scene. Well, I say large - only half the extra's turned up! :(
Anyway, the shoot went surprisingly well - mostly cos the lighting was allowed to look a little 'amateur' as the scenes were set in a school hall where the talent show was going on.
The 'puke' shot was brilliant! Nice sound effects too - I think i forgot to do some more sound effects though :( I will have to raid the library at uni.
Keya was in some of the shots today looking like my mum which freaked me out! lol... off for a bath now and to look at the footage.
Shooting at Rachael's tomorrow... should be a bit more relaxing

Sunday, August 24, 2003

Sunday - Fourth day of shoot
Scenes to shoot: 2
Location: Mawdesley Pantry

Today went very smoothly - we ended an hour and a half ahead of schedule. There was so little stress it was amazing. Having Jo there to do continuity was a Godsend! Tomorrow I'm dreading, loads of people I don't know in a place I don't know doing LOTS of stuff! eek!
Anyway, back to toay - used mostly natural light. Spent ages trying to get my head around the 180 rule. Am scared of the edit already :( But I'm a genius so it'll be ok ;)
So the shoot only took a snmall amount of time AND i remembered to do atmos - yay me.

Saturday, August 23, 2003

Fri - Third day of shoot
Scenes to shoot: 25, 33, 7, 9
Location: St Michaels High School

The problem with today was I was far too relaxed. The corridor shots were lovely, maybe not lit as much as they should have been, but you could see everyone. We also shot the final shot of the film, which looked lovely... must remember to record the sound of vomit hitting the floor. Ben wasn't there at all for this day of the shoot, which once again harmed the performance.
The main shot of the day was scene 25, the dream boy scene. All was going well, the cast looked beautiful, the room was dark, the smoke was ace, the bubbles... but we had no follow spot... Paul and Darryl went to fetch the theatre's one so we could use that, but were gone a long time, and in the process managed to ruin their clothes. So we had a very small amount of time to get this shot done, we did in the end but I coudln't pull focus or anything, I haven't looked at the footage yet, I'm a bit scared to.

Anyway... on a personal note CYT won Best Youth Production for MOrt last night at the NODA Region 6 Awards.. I have a trophy :D


Thursday, August 21, 2003

Thurs - Second day of shoot
Scenes to shoot: 6, 16a(technical title), 17, 21a, 20, 3
Location: St Michael's High School

Had to go and pick up our cripled teacher today, Steven, got to set and the wonderful Bethany had managed to get all the equipment up the stairs ready for the first shot of the day. This was a lovely shot down the corridor, only problem was, we coudln't light it. So we shot it as was. I think it looked OK but I had to rely on Ben totally for that as we were tight on time (as with the whole day - as we were catching up from yesterday), so I've not seen the shot yet. I will watch it tonight with my sister. (She works for Mersey TV inputting stuff like this into computers all day... she knows what she's talking about ;) ).
Second shot we were back in the same classrom as yesterday. We had real problems sorting out the lighting, so I am pooing myself about the edit. Especially as a lot of stuff was shot over two days.
Ben wasn't happy with any of the lighting, and to be honest neither was I, but we were rather constricted unfortunately.
After not stopping for lunch (i pinched a couple of chips to stave off the hunger - just remembered, I didn't pay anyone back for that!), got started on the afternoon shoot which was in the cafeteria... the cafeteria is being redecorated... so we had to move to a smaller one on the premesis... good move! It was nice and compact - only down side was the tractors outside, but we managed to get in some nice takes without them
FORGOT to do atmos sound... arse... have made a mental note.. and have gone mental.
Didn't get to scene 20 and 3 as it was raining, but am not too concerened.
Off to sleep and plan for tomorrow

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

From here on in my Blog is the production diary for my shoot... (mainly so I remember to do one)

Weds - First day of the shoot
Scenes to shoot: 4, 6, 16, 21, 21a
Location: St Michael's High School

Got to location early and made friends with the caretaking staff. They were very helpful. Lugged all the equipement inside with the help of a few cast members. Beth (1st AD) and I chose the room to shoot in which was actually a geography room, we wanted a maths room but they were all being recarpeted. SO, we had to make do.
After setting up for the first scene, 4, I realised that it was actually scene 21 that we had set up for, but told Beth it was 16. So 21 became 16 and 16 became 16a. Scenes 4 and 6 were untouched numerically.
The opening shot to scene 21 (now 16) was lovely, but took 2 hours! We were way behind schedule. I then recieved a phone call from Steven Catterall, playing Mr Dimple. He had just been told he had to go into hospital to get a cast put on his arm! So, as he was in ALL THE SCENES today we had to rework the whole schedule. I was surprised I wasn't crying by this point.
Ben (camera man) had to leave at 11.30am which left me to then take over camera work and Beth to become the director. I felt more comfortable then as I prefer to be more hands on but I really missed the chance to look at the acting not just the shot. So I was pleased Beth was there to keep her eye on the artisitness, as it were.
The bruise makeup looked OK, if I do say so myself. We skimmed over a hell of a lot of continiuty (as we were two crew members down - continuity Jo Calander who is on holiday til Sat and Ben who had left).

We managed to shoot a large amount of the stuff we were going to anyway, we are about a scene and a bit (7 set upsish) behind. Which is a bit worrying so I am going to reschedule some of tomorrow's exteriors to the late afternoon so we get more time in the classrooms.

Phew - what a day - one member of cast ended up in a cast, a missing cameraman, the heaviest amount of stuff I've ever had to lug up Harbour Lane in a small car! and two lights dying... great stuff.


Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Coming to the end of my trip.. written 1000 words on my 8,000-10,000 word dissertation... so,,, err,, yay?
Went to watch 'The Swimming Pool' the other day.. it was an interesting film. Especially if you like to look at boobies. Watched 'Pirates of the Carribean' also the other day... overrated, but a cool film, a bit long.
Having nightmares about my shoot and just in general getting very nervous and stressed about everything!


Sunday, August 10, 2003

Well today started with a jolt. I aggreed to go playing Tennis with my dad. It was all going well til 'whack!'... I was getting a bit over zelous with the forearm and managed to miss a ball but plant the racquet in my face. So my upper lip is still a bit swollen :(
But I got a bit of exercise, which is good as I've become addicted to Belgian Waffles and Maple Syrup (about 2 a day :-/)
Just got back from Madison ComedySPortz (went to Milwaukee CSz last night0 so I've done my bit and got some new games from the experience.
Realised last night that Dido's new single explains my life exactly... creeeped me out - have to buy it to cry by... talking about crying, so much work so little time! I'd better go now and try and get some more done.. really not done any on the dissertation - too busy getting my film ready.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Well, yesterday was fun. GOt to see my good friend Mike for the first time in over a year. WE just sat about and played with his hairless Guinea Pig and then played various computer games. I especially loved Grand Theft Auto - Vice City. Only downside was that I got in my car straight after playing the game - took me a short time to convince myself I wasn't invincible anymore. Nearly got a few pedestraians, I wanted their money. Enjoyed the 'getting a prostitute' feature! lol.... when I say enjoyed I didn't mean.. tut.
Then I came back and watched Whose Line and tried to get some work done. NOt going well.
I had a really weird dream last night. I dreamt that Peter Kay and all those guys were filming something at my house. And I was also going out with a married man! How mental!
Then I must have woken up and gone to sleep again as the dream then became a film that Dawn French was starring in that was her favourite book. I tink I was directing it. It was all about a cult, but a nice one, for people who are dying. She was the leader. That's about all I remember - they lived in a basement.
Well onto the day - me and my mum are making Charlottes costume for the film today - a Pink COwgirl outfit ! HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA Oh yeah baby - lucky Char ;)

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Wel... first time I've got to sit down for about a week! The tournament was amazing, we HAVE to get people there next year!!
I can't believe I actually played. ANd got laughs... AND enjoyed it!!
It's just made me more and more hungry to get CSz going more. But I have to get through this smelly bloody masters first.
Bought some more costumes today, and some huge pants that I could only describe as 'skater' pants and coul probably hide a small group of imigrants.
Anyway, got to get cracking on dissertation work now *sigh* .. my time of being a celebrity ends now... ahh well

Saturday, August 02, 2003

why have ai been disapeared? Did I swear or something? I dont understand.....
anyway I'm playing tonight in the CSz tournament! How mental is that?!?!? hmmm